Sunday, February 01, 2009

David did a cool 25 Random Things About Me list and he wanted me to do one. Hmm... Well, I usually skip these, but I know how much I enjoyed David's and Judy's, too, and although mine won't be nearly as much fun, here you go (forgive me, David, for heavily copying your list's format):

1. My favorite main dish? Spaghetti and meatballs. If I was given one last meal before the electric chair, that would be it. Oh, and chocolate cake for dessert. And peach frozen yogurt and --

2. I am more of a cat person than a dog person. I hope to be both someday soon.

3. It's wild, but I'm not worried about where our nation is going. God has known all along what will happen and what remains is for each of us to do what He has called us to do and be ready for whatever comes to pass. And leave the results and the worrying to Him.

4. Summer used to be my least favorite season (can't take extreme heat) but now the cold of winter bugs me more. I think.

5. It's hard for me to sit still during the day. I love to do a little of this then a little of that then a little of this-- Variety, for me, truly is the spice of life.

6. Barking dogs in neighbors' yards bother me. A lot.

7. I've never in my life even had a sip of alcohol of any kind. (Really.)

8. I've never smoked a single cigarette. My grandparents smoked all the time, they were my favorite people in this world, so I have no problem with others who smoke.

9. I used to love watching American Idol and Lost, but now I just don't care about them. Same with gymnastics and ice skating.

10. I won a gold medal for my gymnastics floor routine as a senior in high school. We were a very small school and we competed against another very small school, so it wasn't a big deal. But I still have my medal.

11. Sometimes people tell me I need to change the tone of my voice. Usually they are right. (I can sound like a cranky Nazi in a mega-second.)

12. I'm an excellent procrastinator. I'm learning to come to peace with it and use it to my advantage (see my post about ADD).

13.I was only able to have one child and for the last 16 years I've been absolutely ok with that, even though some people/relatives think we should have had more kids (which I see more as a control issue thing).

14. I love church worship where people are free to raise their hands and sway and dance in the aisles, even.

15. If I traveled to Italy I would not return. I would stay there forever.

16. I'm such a rebel. I watch Christmas movies in January. Sometimes I eat an apple without washing it first. I usually drive our car from the garage to the back door without wearing my seat belt.

17. I am a Bible College drop-out and I've never, ever, not even once regretted it. I dropped out to get married--I'd been trying to think of a good reason not to go back after the summer, anyway! :)

18. I am a bibliophile.... I love books--the look and feel and smell of them.

19. My favorite books? Kids' lit. and autobiographies about families in the early part of the 20th century. 1950's teen romance books are also favorites. (I know, I know... Not very "holy" of me, but what are ya gonna do?)

20. Practical, show-me-how-to-live-daily-life is my favorite kind of Bible teaching/preaching.

21. I am so not mechanically minded. I wouldn't think of trying to buy a newspaper from one of those machines where you drop in the quarters. I'd lose the quarters for sure.

22. I have loved being in my 40's. I'm a tad nervous about the upcoming big 5-0.

23. I wish authors like Dallas Lore Sharp and David Grayson were still alive.

24. I'm glad Jesus is still alive. I've come to the point where I could not live even one hour without the sense of His presence and His help and His companionship.

25. I went online in 2000. My life has never been the same.


Tracy said...

16. I'm such a rebel. I watch Christmas movies in January. Sometimes I eat an apple without washing it. I usually drive our car from the garage to the back door without wearing my seat belt....

Oh, this gave me a good giggle! You wild woman! ;)

Enjoyed reading your list.

Saija said...

that was fun ... i love hearing about my blog buds life ... :o)

some things were so relatable and could have been written by moi ...

blessings on your week!

Jammie J. said...

I love your list! That was fun... and I have #7 in common with you. Really. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome list!