Sunday, February 15, 2009

Siren Prayers

(As I'm digging through 1,400 old posts so I can label them, I'm finding ones I'd like to post again (as you've noticed, I'm sure). Bear with me. :)

I dig in my garden and stop when the sirens sail and wail down the street at the end of my own... And I pray--every time I pray for those who are in trouble...that they will be helped and healed and will come to know Jesus--they and all their relatives, too.

And, also, I pray for the heroes.

This is what I began to do when my daughter first learned to drive. She would leave the house in our car and nearly always, within minutes, I would hear sirens down the street. What a test! And I would pray that it was not my daughter who was hurt.

But then God asked, "What about the others? What if others are hurt and leaving this world without knowing Me?"

And He was right. He is always right.

That was eight years ago that I began praying whenever I hear the sirens wailing down the street at the end of ours. Twice a day or sometimes six, but whenever I hear them--I pray.

Who knows? Maybe in Heaven strangers will greet me, strangers I prayed for without ever having known their names. Strangers I prayed for every time I heard the sirens.

Do you pray siren prayers, too? I'm just curious.


jodi said...


Elizabeth said...

Yes, I do that too.

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet. Yes, I definitely do that too. I pray when my kids fight and argue, when It's that time of the month for me and I get really cranky. I pray whenever I get into a car to drive somewhere, etc.:) There is so many occassions where one can pray.
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Take care,

Donetta said...

Hello, Good post to follow up on love. Yes I have gained the children into the activity too. We are just automatic in doing so. It is just who I am. The children have just joined in. It is so sweet when I might be driving and from the back seat I hear Dash pray. I also pray for the responders too. The medical professional at hospitals if I happen to be in one. There is a battle going on and It is a role of a warrior woman to do so.

Anonymous said...

What a smart kind thing to do. I'm going to start doing this. Wanna hear something silly? I pray for the souls of road kill. Yup. I do. Every time I pass a dead animal on the side of the road (happens allot in Florida) - I pray for the soul of that creature. I wonder if when I get to Heaven I'll be greeted by tons of little animals.

Anonymous said...

You know what I do, Debra? No joke. Everytime I see, or pass, or get passed by - a motorcyclist on the Freeway, I say a prayer for them. Just about every member of my family has done a lot of motorcycling (including myself) and I lost an Uncle in a motorcycle accident. It's scary to ride on the freeway but in these days, a lot of folks are trying to save $$ and gas. So I *always* say a quick prayer when I see one. Susan

karla said...

this is a nice post. very touching. My husband has been a volunteer fireman for the past 18 years, so this hits very close to home...
...I love your blog and have been following it for a long time.your messages are wonderful. My husband has also worked rotating shifts for 25 of our 31 yr marriage, so i have related to many of your posts. and to the horror of our children we also to dishes by hand, just for fun.