Friday, February 20, 2009

I found an old friend on Facebook, read his info. page and saw under Favorite TV Shows he wrote: "TV is a waste of time."

Man, I hate broad, sweeping generalizations! I do know that this same person is hugely into books. Well, I could say that some books are a waste of time--and I'd be correct. (So there. heh.) But would I ever say, "Books are a waste of time,"? Uh, nooooo.

And some music and relationships and sermons are a waste of time, but would I ever quip, "Music and relationships and sermons are a waste of time,"? Again, Uh, nooooo.

Man, when will we ever walk in balance? Yes, TV can be a major waste of time-- of course! But you know? It was on TV where I saw travel shows about Italy and France and Greece, all places where I'll probably never go, but all places which--now--my eyes have seen and appreciated because they appeared on TV.

It was on TV where I watched documentaries about our Country's history and saw people, photos, letters, battlegrounds, famous homes and so much more--things which took place way before I was born...things which I'd never see otherwise. History which came alive for me after I found it so boring in high school.

It was on TV where I saw cooking shows which inspired me to cook that millionth meal and organizational shows which instructed me how to organize my home. I learned how to better decorate my rooms by watching decorating shows and found inspiration to clear away my clutter there, too. And on TV I learned which style of clothes I should be putting on this sorry figure of mine so it won't look so sorry.

It was on TV where I watched the news and discovered what was happening in my world and my hometown. And it was in front of the TV where I prayed and cried for those who were left behind when their loved ones were killed.

It was on TV where I found shows for entertainment when I needed something light after all the happenings of our world threatened to yank me down. It was because of TV that I experienced 'laughter, the best medicine' at times I needed such medicine. It was TV which sparked some of my all-time favorite conversations.

It was on TV where I heard sermons and teachings which changed my attitude, and thereafter, my life. It was on TV where I watched stories of people returning to God--and was encouraged to become closer to Him, myself.

I could go on and on, but my defense of TV is not the true aim of this post. Rather, I'd just like to toss out a reminder to the world beyond to seek balance in everything. Because it's there, but only if we're open to it.


And no, I'm not saying everyone must have a television in their home, ok? :) Please go back and read this if you think that's the point I was making.

Oh, I LOVED this. Liked it better than my own 'I Am From.'

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Anonymous said...

I totally feel you!
That is a broad statement.

T.V. can be good and it can be bad.
Sadly most folks can't control their consumption of it.
We don't have cable because we like our lives with out too much TV.
We rent movies instead.

But you'd be amazed how some of our friends and family react to that.
I thought my father-in-law was going to go nutty the last time he spent a couple days at our house.