Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now, nobody go ballistic or get all offended at (with?) me, but I'm not watching 24 this season. Uh, no.

Well, I did watch two minutes of it last night and thought, "Same ol' same ol' same ol' stressed-out-Jack-kills-a-bunch-of-bad-guys-in-one-day-yet-again. Yawn. Been there, done that, the previous six seasons.

Anyone else feel the same way?

If so--and even if you still love 24--I've got a niftier, cooler, more amazing show to recommend. In fact, it's like 24, but in space. (And the characters are saner.) It's kinda like the old Star Trek series, but a zillion times better. And I loooove it.

What show does Debra love? She loves Stargate Atlantis.

No, really! (Hey, stop laughing. And wipe up the coffee you spit out all over your monitor. heh)

Stargate Atlantis (not to be confused with Stargate SG-1) has it all. Action, mystery, adventure, terrific story lines (stories! Not just solely shoot-the evil-guy stuff), sentimentality, loyality amongst friends, humor, etc. It's more PG than 24. And the characters are written so incredibly well that you feel as though you've met them before. Like they live in your neighborhood or go to your church or--well, they're awfully real and developed (kudos to the writers). And when they occasionally kill-off one of the main characters, oh! I'm devastated (ok, ok... I'm awfully hot and bothered. For days.).

Colonel Shepherd--beyond cool. Put me on a dangerous, Wraith-crazed planet with him and Ronon and I'd feel totally protected and peaceful.
Ronon-- can run with a gun like he showed up in the delivery room as a baby with it. Beyond loyal and with an enviable, graceful strength (Tom and I often speak of Ronon's awesomeness).
Teyla--one smart, capable woman who can take care of herself!
Dr. Rodney McKay--intelligent, funny, often cowardly, but can pull himself together and save lives when he has to.
Elizabeth Weir--a kind, practical leader who can get tough when she's pushed.

Tom and I have been Netflixing these shows and we're nearly finished--darn! I want them to go on and on forever. Season 5 isn't out yet on dvd and it will be the final season (darn! again). There's talk of possible movies after the season ends, rather like what's taking place with Stargate SG-1.

Anyway, I've stopped watching so many crime shows and Stargate Atlantis has been a welcomed change. Tom loves these, too, but it still surprises him that I love them more (who'da thunk it?). But perhaps the reason I like this show is because it reminds me that often we must confront our problems and mistakes and fears and do something about them--lest they just return again and again to haunt and stifle and incapacitate us.

Again, if you like 24, I'm nearly certain you'll like Stargate Atlantis. I watch it with the same nervous ball inside my stomach that I had when I used to watch 24. You know about that ball of nerves, don't you? :)


Again, you can Netflix Stargate Atlantis.

Does anyone reading this already watch this show?


One of the special features showed people who'd traveled to a Stargate Atlantis convention and whew-----lots of the women there were my age (and even older). Made me feel less nutty for loving this show. Alas, this 49-year-old woman is not alone in her enchantment. :)


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Me too! Us too! Or however one says it properly... Do NOT watch '24'!

In fact, we didn't watch it the last 2 seasons. Same old, same old, same old. And too much of it.

Not sure if we can "get into" your 'Stargate Atlantis' series, but we'll think on it. Actually, I do like the idea of renting and watching whole seasons. But... I got rid of NetFlix.


Because I was renting and NOT watching dvd's and that was wasting money. Silly wasting, too. So I dropped it and have sort of made a list of films I's like to watch. With the plan of getting NetFlix for a month again, and renting/watching all of them. :-)

But meantime, I've been getting films out of the library. Which I could do, because I was on a "pretty, romantic, period pieces" kick. And the library tends to have those. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"The hardest thing to learn in life
is which bridge to cross and which to burn."
~David Russell

oma aka meme said...

I guess that I am not watching it either- the only thing I know about 24 is that it comes right after 23 and right before 25- oh- dear - Meme needs to get out more--LOL

Saija said...

i've watched stargate atlantis from the begining and have really enjoyed it! :o) ... and of course there is that canadian guy in there too! yay canada ...

but i've never watched 24 ...

go figure, eh ...