Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tom and I are going out to breakfast this morning--it will be our once-a-week-eating-out time. Although, I'd also like to go out for coffee and perhaps dessert later this week at our town's 50's diner, the one which almost always has one car (or less) out front whenever Tom and I drive past. They weren't doing well before the economy took this huge nosedive and now? Ours is such a tiny town... we have only one traffic light and no real supermarket, if that gives you any idea.

Anyway. Here is why I mention all that: We keep hearing about cutting back and cutting back..... Everybody is cutting back on eating out and traveling and movie theaters and instead of using certain services, we're all trying to do things for ourselves. And of course, much of that is necessary. I get that. I do that.

But here's what I want to remind everyone, in case you've not thought of this already (you probably have). If we all totally cut everything back to the bone and never go out to eat and never go see a movie and never buy clothes and furniture new (only used) and never pay for upkeep and repair services to our homes, etc., well..... the economy will suffer even more. More people will lose their jobs because there'll be no more demand for what they spend their lives providing for the rest of us.

I know, I know. "But we're all running out of money for anything even resembling 'extras'!"

Okay. But here is how Tom and I look at things, we who are trying like crazy to pay off the money we put into our barn so we can get out of debt again............

............Always, there will be that very real biblical Sowing and Reaping Thing. Always it will be true that what we reap, we will sow and it is in giving that we receive. Sow to others in the midst of our own needs and we will reap good things. But keep and horde every last dollar out of fear, and well, good luck to Tom and me. Not only will we likely stack up more needs, but we won't experience the wonderful joy which comes from helping others keep going or stay in business.

Sometimes, I've noticed, we get stuck because we've not been giving out. We've interrupted the flow. And that's what sowing and reaping is all about--a flow going out so that fresh flows can come back in.

It is in giving in faith, in expectation--not in fear-- that we receive from the God who so wants to bless us. I've shared that before here and I'll share it again. Because it's oh so very true, even in 2009. Even in an economic recession.

"Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together..."


jodi said...

I so agree with this post. At the mall the other day I couldn't help but notice that so many of the clothes were marked down substantially. Two tops for work that looked very nice were 50% off. There is a local Greek restaurant that is less than a year old. We try to go at least 3 times per month. The food is decent and the people are nice. And we would like to do our part in helping them stay in business.

Patty H. said...

Another good post. I work retail and so many retail businesses are shutting down. Our company has cut out a third of their district managers. But if no one buys our merchandise, then I'm out of a job.

Pat said...

I have cut back a lot and it's not entirely because of finances. I find myself staying in so much more in the winter! The grocery store runs are about all I do, and I have to admit..I'm starting to get cabin fever.
During the warmer months, we eat out about once a week, but rarely when the snow is on the ground.
It seems that Home Depot has benefited the most from us this season!

Jan said...

Buying local and keeping the money in the community has always been our policy. Sometimes the prices are higher but the business won't last if we don't use it. Our tiny town has 60 people and our neighboring town has 123. We really want to keep the post office, small store and gas pumps open so we go there daily!

David Warren Fisher said...


Hope breakfast was good! I know you don't want to publicly state the name of the town where you live but can you e-mail it to me so we can drive by the next time we're in your area. You could wave, as you always do, and Carol and I and the boys would go and give the diner some extra business.

Have a great weekend!


twixterkid said...

I agree with you, I was one of those that thought like probably so many do, why should we go out if we suppose to be saving, but now that I've done some research, watch a little more cnn I realize in order for our economy to make some money we might have to indulge ourselves when we can, if that means buying a new shirt or going to a local diner or going to a late movie whatever the case. right now times are hard for everyone and I don't want to see myself or anyone out of work...its getting hard, but if we stop spending money all at once, I think it will really get alot harder!!!!

Pearl said...

As a business owner I really appreciate this post so much. It's very true, and we also pass this on to the little mom & pop guys too. They struggle alot and have family's to feed. Blessed to all who give. Thanks, Debra

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Amen to that!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree. Some people HAVE to cut back. But some people (stable people with steady income and safe jobs who are in no way feeling the pinch) are still cutting back. Why? 'Cause the news says so? Now more than ever we should all try to support those businesses that need us when we can.