Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yesterday, as you know, was Monday. Some people hate Mondays, but I'm not one of them. I do the major portion of cleaning my house on Mondays and I know some people hate cleaning house.

I'm not one of them, either.

My secret? Well, I have a few. Like, play Beat The Clock. Set a timer for twenty minutes (or s0) and see how much you can accomplish before the bell rings. I love this game and have been playing since I was a teenager, in fact, at 14 I used to babysit and the kids actually loved putting their toys away before bedtime if I told them we were playing Beat The Clock.

Another idea? Buy (or keep) only those dishes or glasses or pieces of furniture (etc.) which you enjoy caring for. Get rid of what you consider ugly, useless and that which has the appearance of clutter. I have some jade-ite dishes and even my mom said she enjoyed washing those. It really is true that it's a delight to care for the things you love.

Flip on some music which gives your cleaning time the perfect ambiance.

Don't allow yourself to get far behind in your cleaning. If you keep up with it then it will never become a huge, overwhelming, dreaded project. And delegate! One person should not be in charge of cleaning and keeping a house organized. Everyone should have a part. (Here's a hint: different people usually prefer--and are good at--different tasks. Try to match up the people in your home with the tasks they mind the least.)

Reward yourself. Do some housework then give yourself some computer time. You've earned it. Or watch a tv show or eat a snack or take a walk or read a chapter from the current book you're reading.

Keep yourself inspired to have a nice house. Visit blogs which show rooms you love or look through decorating magazines or watch HGTV, etc.

Be creative in your home. Decorate with imagination. It will be more fun cleaning rooms you enjoy spending time in.

Want to be inspired to save money at your house? Brenda is currently writing a series outlining her favorite money-saving hints. Check out her posts here.


emma said...

i love to clean and in fact, tonight i am going to do that and i can't wait.

My reward? Reading!!! YAY (oh and some chocolate cookies!)

Can't wait to get home from work and get started. i love it when my house is freshly cleaned!

Jujita said...

Great ideas! I adore the beat the clock idea!