Friday, October 12, 2007

So It's Lipstick Now?

Oh great. Now lipstick is poisonous. Well, lots of them have lead inside them.

Is anyone else as tired of all this as I am? Lead in toys and paint and gas and window sills and the dirt and etc., etc.?

I guess I'm not so much tired of hearing all this bad news, but I am tired of worrying about it. I mean, hey... I've only used lipstick for a mere, oh, 32 years, or so... what's there to worry about? (argh)

So as with everything else, this will just be another thing which I will research and learn about and then make necessary, informed changes. After which I'll trust God for some extra mercy and protection from this world I'm stuck in at the moment. (Just this morning I was thinking it's a miracle that any of us reaches the age of 50, given how polluted and dangerous our world appears to be.)

I mean, what's a girl to do? Go without lipstick? Uh, not this girl.

And she's not going to sit around adding lipstick to her list of Things To Worry About. She's been trying to keep that list very, very short and well, there's just no room for something this small.


P.S. Speaking of worries.... I have a correction to make. The five discs in Tom's back which are messed up are herniated, not ruptured. I thought I had that info. straight, but alas, no. Herniated discs aren't as serious as ruptured ones... they can wait awhile to be taken care of.

... and if you can't see the photos in my sidebar, that's nothing to worry about, either. Well, I hope not. occasionally has little blips. (Note to self: stop worring that they closed down and forgot to tell you.)


smilnsigh said...

Yes! Lead in lipstick now!

But I'm still waiting for the *discovery* that Chocolate is the Elixer of Long Life. Surly with all their studies and discoveries, they'll eventually find something lovely like this? Maybe? ,-)


smilnsigh said...

Opps, that 'surly' should have been 'surely'!


Judy said...

Sometimes I worry that I worry too much. Other times I worry that I don't worry enough.

Even though I know that the worry is worse than the lead! I find it everywhere, and the hardest to avoid.

Jennifer said...

I would worry less if my children weren't so prone to chewing on their toys. Urgh. Yeah, I'm tired of worrying about it too. :-P

daisymarie said...

I must confess this put a smile on my unpainted lips. And I whispered a quick thank you to Jesus. I have worn so little lipstick in my life. A while back we were going through an old box and a tube rolled out and my 24yr old daughter asked me what it was--she couldn't remember me ever wearing it...giggles.

They can wait, but it doesn't mean they hurt any less. Nelson has several he lives with and and I can tell when they're flaring up.

Robin said...

It's always something. Pretty soon we won't be able to eat, drink, or touch anything!