Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go Ahead. Tell Me It's Impossible

Most of the time? I like it when people tell me a certain thing just cannot be done. That what I'm hoping to do is Impossible.

Why? Because it gets my blood bubbling. Suddenly I feel energized, able to conquer the world when I'm told that, for me, life will be just like it is for everybody else (sad, sickly, tiresome). Tell me that I can't do something and right away this will begin playing inside my head: "Impossible? Well, I'll show you!"

Heh. (I'll bet you didn't figure me for that kind of person, did you?)

Yet I've always been like that. Always. Mostly because since I was a tiny girl, I've believed God. Not just believed in God, but believed what He said in the Bible. That He could do anything He wishes. That He always provides what we need. That He can still heal people today. That nothing is too hard for Him. I believed all those things as a child, even while growing-up in churches which, much of the time, taught otherwise.

A cute example? I still recall, at 6-years-old, arriving home from church and standing beside my mom while she fumbled in her purse for her key to unlock the front door. She was very pregnant at the moment with my little brother and for the first time I wondered, "How did the baby get inside her in the first place?" And although my family had only recently begun attending church, immediately--immediately-- I thought, "Oh well, God understands all that. Maybe He's the one who places babies inside of mothers."

That personal example of childlike trust still makes me smile today. It still teaches me something, too.

It's good to outgrow some things, and trust me, I've outgrown a whole lot. But this believing God can do what He wants to do--and if He wants to help me, He will--well, I'm not planning on ever outgrowing that. Not ever.


Have some extra time to read something inspiring and sweet? Here's a true story I really, really enjoyed: A Life Without Left Turns.

"Birds fly in flocks, but eagles fly alone." ... Joyce Meyer


Donetta said...

This Eagle flies well too!

elizabeth said...

Wow...I LOVE that story about no left turns!! Thanks for pointing to it!!

Dapoppins said...

Have I ever told you that I love how you start your posts with a picture? Have i told you that the photo of the lady on the rock just facinates me?

And the child-like faith. It is that easy, isn't it? And that hard.