Sunday, October 07, 2007

Changed My Mind! Here's Where I Want to Move

Okay, so being a woman, I have the ol' perogative to change my mind. So I did.

Now I want to move to Mt. Airy, N.C.. 'Thelma Lou' from The Andy Griffith Show lives there now. You can read an extremely spiffy article about her adventure here.

Sign me up, too. Start loading the moving van. I am so there.


elizabeth said...

Wow...count me in too! The neighborhood we live in has been called the Mayberry of this area. However, a few rotten apples, of late, are spoiling that barrel!! But in general, it has been a very nice spot to be. We SO HOPE to go see Mt. Airy one of these days!! Also, hoping to drive the beautiful drive along the tops of the mountains too...Blue Ridge Parkway! For some reason, many people are moving to our state.

Saija said...

'k, i'll be your over the picket fence neighbour ... exchanging recipes and chitchat!


Celia said...

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Nan - said...

Great article! Thanks so much for sharing. What is it about North Carolina? Many people I know have moved there.

Jennifer said...

So, is the beginnings of a plan?

(New blog for me, by the way.)

Judy said...

Oh, me too! Me too!

My husband wants to live in a converted factory loft style condo in the midst of a large city.

I'm an Aunt Bea.

And I want a cow.

Laura said...

Next weekend is their annual fall festival and my husband and I are going to try really hard to go since it's only two hours away! I'm excited to see what it's like there!

Debra said...

Oh, I would love to live there with each of you in my neighborhood. So fun! And Laura--if you go (lucky you!) please tell me all about the trip! Thanks, Everyone... Debra