Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So guess who feels like her head was raced over by a train?

Ugh. I came down with a cold yesterday and felt feverish and extremely contagious all day. And so far this morning hasn't been a picnic, either.

It's a good thing Tom was unable to get earlier tickets Sunday afternoon out to California (he tried for hours,even mentioning the bereavement thing. People didn't seem to care.). I would have just infected all those relatives and old friends of the family I've not seen in twenty or more years. I hardly think they'd appreciate that.

Lately I've tried to stay so healthy and filled with vitamin C because of all the stress of the past few months. I so didn't want to get sick. Oh well. All those natural remedies I've been studying have come in handy because I'm so not going to take medicine. I mean it... after all that has happened, more than ever, I'm determined to live a whole other way than most people, which means avoiding pills. Well, pills other than vitamin pills.

And if I sound rather cranky, just chalk it up to this cold, a lack of sleep, the aforementioned train-raced-over-my-head and all I am facing at this moment. (Which is my apology of sorts.)

Again, a special thanks to each of you for your comments and emails... they are so very much appreciated. And pul-ease keep the prayers coming.........


Robin said...

Praying Debra. When are you scheduled to leave?

daisymarie said...

Nasty old train! Praying for you.

smilnsigh said...

This is a time of stress, for you. Stress lowers the body's defenses. All kind of common sense. But that doesn't help any! You still feel lousy! :-(

Knowing your love of old movies, I had to think of you, when I posted this morning. But with so much sadness/stress in your life, it didn't feel right to point you to it.

But! Now! You have a cold, on top of everything! So I'm taking the chance and pointing you to it. I'm doing this with the best intentions. Of trying to lighten your mood for a minute.

Please go here .


Patty H. said...

Hi, I visit your blog occasionally. Really not sure how I found it. I enjoy reading it tho.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I lost mine 15 yrs ago the week before Thanksgiving.
I love the house you found in Mr. Airy! And that is an awesome price for it. I live in the mountains of NC and the prices and taxes here are unreal.
I'm saying a prayer for you.