Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's A Rainy Fourth of July...

... but we are so grateful! I've been standing at the windows this early morning watching our much-appreciated rain and feeling heart-grateful for it. Though we've had such perfect weather for weeks, we've had no real rain since I can't remember when and most lawns in our area are straw-colored and go crunch-crunch when you walk on them. The majority of people here would no more water their lawns with our expensive water from a hose than they'd rob a bank. They'll water their flowers, but not their lawns which "will just turn green again when we finally get rain." All these years I've heard those words more than I can recall.

Anyway, today is the 4th and I'll be alone all day since Tom is back at work, but alas! We had our celebration yesterday and those magical memories still are draped over me and will remain while I do the Suzy Homemaker thing today and everyone else has picnics at parks and in backyards, mostly under canopies, I imagine. And while I putter, believe me, I'll be thankful for our U.S. freedoms.

And this is neither here nor there, but I'm trying to collect ideas for food substitutions. You know, healthier versions of the foods which tend to make you tubby, sick or dead. Here, below, are some I've adopted--I'll be looking online for more in the weeks to come, and if you'd like to add one or more in my comment box, I'd be grateful!

When Tom and I get cravings for key lime pie, we instead, buy key lime pie yogurt made by Yoplait. Hits the spot every time.

Instead of using salty tomato sauce for homemade Italian or Mexican sauces, I buy naturally low-salt tomato puree.

Instead of buying ice cream or even frozen yogurt, I make homemade 'ice cream' in an electric freezer by using soy milk (a brand with only three ingredients). I use 2 cups soy milk, 2 packets of Stevia (and/or a couple teaspoons sugar), three teaspoons vanilla, and a cup of frozen or fresh fruit. Makes just enough for two bowls of 'ice cream.'

I also use soy milk and Stevia (and/or a couple teaspoons sugar) for homemade puddings, either chocolate or vanilla or vanilla with banana slices.

Instead of ground beef burgers, we like the frozen Philly Cheese steak burgers made by Morningstar Farms, the veggy people. We also love their bacon (I went without real bacon for lots of years and now I get to have two slices daily of this as-good-as-the-real-thing-to-me stuff.)

Instead of regular butter, we use salt-free butter--and have never noticed a real difference in taste. (When it comes to butter vs. margarine health-wise, we're in the butter is better--in moderation-- camp.)

Instead of adding oil to cake mixes, I add applesauce (or half oil, half applesauce).

Instead of soda, I drink seltzer water with only two ingredients. No sugar, salt or nutra-sweet. (It grows on you...give it time!)

Well, you get the idea.... Little changes can add up to big changes, but of course, there's still that annoying 'everything in moderation' thing which comes into play!

Have a very happy Fourth of July!

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