Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm still here... Once a month, if things run smoothly at Tom's job, he gets seven days off, so during the summer we treat those weeks like vacations, even if usually it means making scads of just day trips. Well, it's been Day Trip City around here... drives out in the glorious countryside (can anything compare with early morning in the country?)and along the Erie Canal with its parks... and yard sales, even treasures from the 'free box' and old issues of Victoria magazine free on a little round table beside the road... and winding our way down skinny aisles in dark, ancient junk shops with layers of dust.

Then today while Tom slept (back to work for him last night), I drove my friend, Laura, to a belated birthday lunch at that 1950-ish hamburger stand on the river. I mysteriously drove her there, uttered not one hint about our destination. I assumed she'd eaten there before, but alas, she hadn't and it was a double delight that she loved this tiny place, too, with its river and umbrella-topped tables.

So with all that adventure, I've been, again, stepping back from this blog, lest every single simple thought in my head begins with, "Hmmm... how shall I describe this activity/thought/journey in my blog?". You know, that nagging voice which makes you feel as though you must Tell All to your readers, lest you irreparably scar them when they pop in and find nothing new. I always step away when that voice whispers in an obsessive sort of way... I know some of you completely get that disjointed thought.

How fun to just live! To not be how I was for years--planning to live, meditating about living, reading about Life, teaching people to live, worrying about the right way to live and whether I was living the correct way and whether other folks were, also. Cringing over whether God was mad at me because I turned right when I should have turned left. You know... no postponing happiness as in, "I'll be glad when ___ is over." Or "I'll be happy when I finally get ______."

But being happy now.

Yes, how much better to just walk around enjoying this business of living here, there and everywhere... to live now, to celebrate today--to not store joy away in a drawer somewhere for a perfect time, a brighter future day or after I become something or someone else better...

... but to gather up joy now--Today--and scatter it all around.

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