Monday, July 16, 2007

Murder At Walmart

Ok, you'll think I'm one of those scary tree-hugger types after you read this, but honest, I'm not.

I drove to Walmart today in search of some more flowers to plant in my yard (nothing like waiting until the summer is half over....). I entered the garden center through the big, opened doorway and stood there--shocked. Why? Before my eyes was a Petrified Flower Garden. Whole long poles were strung with hanging baskets of dried-up, dying flowers. Table after table held neglected, flowering plants in various stages of near-death. I saw a hose on the ground near the new shipment of mums--those looked marvelous, but then, they'd just arrived and now is the time of the planting of mums.

Prices were slashed--they had to be for plants in such a sorry state. I walked around for a half hour and longed to rescue every shriveled, gasping little potted plant.

For many years, I've believed plants had feelings, too. After all, we can all agree they're alive, can't we? But what cinched it was, 23 years ago, our pastor shared how, in an experiment, a scientist holding a pair of sheers walked into a room full of plants which were connected to sensors of some sort. He then started hacking away at some of them and left the room. Later he returned and suddenly the sensors began jumping around as though the plants were afraid(!).

Some things you never forget. For me, that was one of them.

Anyway, I told Tom this afternoon that if *I* was working in the garden department of Walmart, I would still be watering those poor little plants-- I don't care how late in the season it is. And it's not like the workers didn't have time--mostly while I was there, they stood around talking about the house one of them rented and how unfair her landlord was.

I would have watered the plants instead of gossiping. I would have watered the been-around-all-summer plants, even if my boss ordered me to let the flowers die and only water the new mums. I'd have sneaked some water to those poor, dying baby plants.

And that is why I don't have a real job.

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Page said...

Our Walmart does not have plant companies that come and refresh the plant stock and take away sickly and old plants. They just keep em and let them go uck or cut them back and there they sit with haircuts no mother would ever give and they still want full price for the time they reduce anything it is 99% dead. I picked up the hose and watered them myself one time! Poor things.