Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm positive that I bug some people and I'm certain that some people bug me. Especially these sorts of people:

Ones who make broad, sweeping generalizations, very often using sentences with words like, "Everyone, no one, people today never, people today always...," (as if anyone could know the habits, thoughts and actions of everyone on the planet!).

And the people who go out in a crowd and arrive home complaining, speaking only of the negative actions or words they saw or heard.

And also, people who believe the whole world is like the newspaper or the nightly news... and pine for Days of Old (which they've forgotten had their bad times, too).

I will confess here... those kinds of people make me crazy. I feel a claustrophobic desperation when cornered by them and have been seen sneaking away when I could take no more (or clicking away madly from their blog, if I found them there).

My opinion? I think we--ok, not always, but most often--find what we expect to find. We reap what we sow... we experience the ol' 'be it unto you, even as you have believed' thing much more often than when negative times just appear to 'happen' out of a clear, blue sky.

The simplest thing I can do is to drive away from my house and find negatives. It's as easy as falling out a window for me to note the yard which isn't kept nicely, the house with the peeling paint, the price of gas stated up on the station signs, the driver who appears to have escaped from an insane asylum, the mother who yells at her child in the supermarket.

But anyone can do that. Anyone can complain and actually do nothing to make life sweeter. A--n-y-b-o-d-y. And usually if you expect things to get worse and worse, well, they do, coloring your perception of the life the rest of us are living.

But it takes skill and a different sort of attitude and a new set of eyes to walk or drive around--year after year--and discover the myriad of good and right things which are still around today...

... the gorgeous houses, the loyal families which are still crazy about each other, the well-behaved children, the supermarkets which have been in business for 80 years... long friendships.... the people who still love hanging clothes on clotheslines... happy dogs and the owners who adore them... tree-lined streets and sounds of Big Band era music still wafting down them... yard sales, blue skies, flowers... people who hold doors open for you at the corner convenience store... drive-in hamburger stands... barns and farmhouses in towns with fewer than 2,000 people... good, funny and helpful books, movies and tv programs, ones from Today, even... farmer's markets, churches, potlucks... Internet friends you'd never met otherwise... couples celebrating 50 or more years together... neighbors who share tools and flour and stop and chat with those who still spend evening hours out on the front porch...

...stop me, before I go on all day. For I could, you know.

I've become an experienced, professional seeker of all that is good. And if that bugs you, well, I would say that I'm sorry... except that I'm not.

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