Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Squirts Out When You Squeeze The Old Woman?

Heh. Read further and you'll understand that title.

Lately, my memory has been awful. I'm hoping it's due to interrupted sleep patterns and good old-fashioned pre-menopause, both which I've read can have an influence.

I mean, I hate it when Tom says something like, "I gave you the tickets days ago." And then I say, "No, you didn't! I'm positive you did not."

"Oh yes I did!"

"Oh no you didn't!"

And then we discover, that yes... he did give me the tickets. They were in the drawer all the time. Razzle frats.

But anyhow, that's gotten me to thinking. What kind of an old lady will I be? Will I be a crabby, sneering old thing without a memory, one who snaps and sputters and pops with indignation if you cross me?

Or will I be a gentle, sweet old soul, who may have lost her mind, but not her manners? Who may not remember your name, but who remembers to be nice?

Obviously, I hope it will be the latter. I've watched others grow old and seen that, whatever their heart was most full of during their adult years, that is what intensifies. Usually.

And what I'm thinking is this: In order for me to be that kind, old woman in the future, I must allow God to rid me of the junk inside me--now--in my present. I believe if the crabby, always-must-be-right garbage is taken out today, then most likely, it will still be missing years from now. For I've seen that when God does a work, He does it well. Completely. And all that remains is for my continued cooperation with, and reliance upon, Him. His strength, not mine. His patience, not mine.

So the work continues... and I hope when this old lady is squeezed in the future, sweetness will gush out of her, not bitter.


"...for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks..." Luke 6:45

"Does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" ... James 3:11


Elizabeth said...

So much fun sometimes eh? But I think you are we have to work on getting rid of the stuff that is not so good inside us...and working on sweetening. Cause it does seem to be true that we become more of whatever we are now, when we are older.

Saija said...

i went through the start of the memory lapse thing, a few years ago ... and it certainly taught me some lessons on humility! hopefully ones i will carry with me as i slowly creep up the stairs to the "golden" years!!!! hey - maybe "golden" means closer to heaven? do you think? *grin*

Debra said...

Elizabeth--sounds like we've seen some similar things... :)
Saija--oh, I know--the humility thing really comes into play. Bleh... (heh)....:)
Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for this post. I really needed it.

puddleglum said...

I've been digging around in your archives trying to find the post that told the sites where you find your blog art. Would you mind re-posting that? Please.
Thank you, I'm new to the world of blogging.

Debra said...

Mountain Mama--I'm glad this was here when you needed it...
Puddleglum--mostly I get my post pictures from . Hope that helps and welcome! :)
Blessings, Debra