Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Finds

First... If some of you tried to comment yesterday but were blocked, please try again. The problem has been fixed, well, hopefully!

Moving on...

Just wanted to share with you some of my latest finds. See the birdbath? I bought it yesterday at a yard sale for only 50 cents. (Yes, 50 cents!)

The Homer Laughlin platters (in this photo and the next) were only 20 cents each. They could not be more perfect for my collection! The coffee cups were a quarter a piece and the (heavy!) silver salt and pepper shakers were only $2.

The creamer was 50 cents and so was the old white Fire King bowl.

The old Victoria Magazines were free (only some are pictured), the let's-just-call-it-milk-glass vase was $1 and the lavender came from our yard.

Don't you just love summertime?


Saija said...

this was a most excellent post for our lives at the moment ... thank you!

Saija said...

oops ... loved this one too - but i meant to comment on the previous one! sigh .... old age, is slowly creeping in!!!

Debra said...

Smile.... I had a feeling you meant that other post! :) I'm glad it was timely. Thanks, Saija, for being the first person to sign my 'new' blog! Blessings, Debra