Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On his way to work yesterday, Tom found a like-new, dark green Queen Anne recliner for me on the curb. Ah, to be able to sit in comfort, finally, in our Cozy Room! I'm thankful God cares about the small things in Life (perhaps to Him, there are no small things...).

Speaking of our Cozy Room, (that place where we watch way too much tv, albeit mostly always the decent stuff)... For months Tom and I have been Netflixing the old Perry Mason tv series. We Love That Show. Not just the courtroom drama or Perry's not-always-legal ways--no, there's so much more. There's Perry's snazzy dark convertible and Paul Drake's sleek, so-cool-you-can-hardly-stand-it T-bird convertible and all the other nifty 1950's cars as well. (After most episodes we feel as though we've visited a classic car show. We often pause the film just to stare at--and yearn for--the vehicles.)

And then there's Della's cool sweater sets and the lovely satin and embossed formal and casual linen dresses of the guest stars, as well as the without-a-wrinkle suits of the men. I'm not one to pay much attention to men's wear, but Perry's and Paul's suits often grab my attention. Paul, period, grabs my attention. (Don't tsk tsk--both Tom and I agree William Hopper was one handsome guy.)

Anyway, just thought I'd recommend the Perry Mason dvd's if you're searching for something new/old and different. The clarity of the dvd's is almost startling--the scenes practically pull you into the screen (we've watched so much Perry Mason that I've had dreams at night about hanging-out with this group, even with good ol' love-to-hate-him, Hamilton Burger).

And to end this--Tom and I drove through a book today. Well, it felt that way. We drove out in the countryside and then through the huge 1800's brick buildings and Victorian houses of Medina and Angola. In both places, you first drive down the middle of all those Victorians with their gardens and the quiet of a summer afternoon humming over them and well, you can't help but feel you crossed a time warp. We even watched two groups of children laughing, walking over the canal bridge with fishing poles over the shoulders of the pre-teen boys and innocent smiles upon the 12-year-old girls as they met up with them. And in other neighborhoods we saw children sitting on front steps and cartwheeling on lawns, lolling away the summer just as the children of my day did.

Those simple childish activities made an impression upon me, I guess because it seems I see so view children outside in our own surrounding neighborhoods while taking my walks. Always I wonder where they are.

In both these towns, the pace was slower and I rolled down my window in hopes of carrying it home with us.

And back out on the main country road, we even got to walk through part of an 1800's farmhouse, one for sale and whose owners were having a yard sale, with items also inside. I whispered to Tom I was now spoiled, totally spoiled, concerning the search for our next house. This place had nooks and crannies and the perfect front door with glass panels at each side and a stairway with the original scroll work and two acres along with an in-ground pool and what looked like a grape arbor over the patio table and chairs, but what was really some trees they'd trained over it.

Well, you get the picture. Another magical day, indeed--well, the parts where I didn't grow all whiny and impatient, again, about having to wait so long to move. Another test, but I'm learning... I'm starting to anticipate the trick questions and get a few of them right... and to be happy for the people with the houses I'd love, instead of wishing everyone one of them was mine.

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