Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Websites for 'Back To Natural' Folks

For those of you who told me you, too, wanted to 'go more natural,' here are some websites which might help and inspire:

HealingFoodReference.com (Learn which foods and vitamin supplements may help cure certain sicknesses and diseases.)

The Value of Eating Organic (Why going organic could save your life.)

Mary Jane's Farm (Order organic foods online, learn about living a healthy lifestyle and find other people who wish to do so.)

Ten Ways to Avoid Cancer (After the introductory paragraph, there's a link which will take you to the original article.)

Buy Organic Groceries Online (Did you know you can buy organic groceries at amazon.com? Thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip!)

Natural Homemade Cleaning Products (Make your own safe cleaning products.)

Organic Cleaning Recipes (More recipes for cleaning your home safely.)

Renewing The Countryside (Hundreds of stories of folks living in the countryside and making a difference there.)

Organic Consumers Association (Regarding all things organic. Find your own local organic suppliers and sign-up for OCA's free online newsletter.)

The Fluoride Controversy (Surprising information about the use of fluoride.)

Microwave Dangers (Microwaving food...is it safe?)

I'll be adding more links throughout the day so check back if you'd like to read more.


kjalics said...

Hi Debra,

Alice and I are involved with Crown Point Farm and Education Center http://www.crownpt.org/ a farm run by Dominican nuns in our area. They raise organic food for the local foodbank and also run a farmers market and have a CSA plan. I think there are more and more of such enterprises and it is well worth people trying to locate them in their area. The new Barbara Kingsolver book, Animal Vegetable Miracle, is well worth reading, too. This is such a lovely time of year around the southern shores of Lake Erie with all the fresh fruit! -Kristi

Mrs. G said...

Thanks for all of the links :)

I popped into Renewing the Countryside & it looks like an interesting site...I'll go back & roam about a bit later on :)

and if you do a search for "market bulletin" and your state, you mind find that you have a valuable resource for plants, farm equipment, veggies, nuts & homemades...and other things...

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Thanks, great links!

elizabeth said...

WOW...will take awhile to go through all these, but thanks so much for sharing them!!

Debra said...

Kristi--thanks much for the lovely snoggestions! :) This is a whole new adventure for me which is keeping me busy (and off the streets...heh...)
MrsG--thanks! I'll give it a try.
Brenda--you're welcome! :)
Elizabeth--there *is* a lot there... I'm having to take it slow so that I don't get too blown away by how 'unnaturally' I have lived all these years...sigh....
Thanks, Everyone... Debra