Monday, March 19, 2007

Thinking In Pieces

Sometimes (ok, often) I'll look at my email box(es), see all the emails needing to be answered and then I'll sigh, get up from my chair and go wash the dishes. Or read a book.

Basically, I just run away.

We all have different reactions to feeling overwhelmed--most commonly I procrastinate so long that I start believing I actually finished what needed to be done. Which means, of course, that later I'll find myself even more overwhelmed and farther behind... and apologizing a lot.

How much better to think baby steps..... small bites.... to view things in pieces, rather than allowing the whole huge project/chore/task to spiral me into a zombie state, which still happens a lot around here. (See the woman in the above painting.) Too often that "all or nothing" mentality or believing there's only one certain way to do anything has messed me up bigtime.

Yet--slowly--I'm learning. Whenever I paint a room, I think only one wall at a time. I can handle one wall. I can paint one wall at a time--no big deal. And often after I've painted one wall, I find myself all primed and ready to paint one more. It's when I put pressure on myself to paint the whole darn room in one day that I get into trouble.... and procrastinate even buying the paint... and find two years have gone by since I first considered painting in the first place. (You think I'm kidding?)

Pieces of the pie--I need to see more of what needs to be done as pieces of a pie. I can handle one piece at a time--one email, one wall, one flower bed, one load of laundry.

No sweat.


Of course, we don't have this option on every single task in Life, but it's amazing how often we do. Trust me--I've noticed.

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