Friday, March 30, 2007

A Question, A Delight and Stretching My Faith

Okay. So you may remember just where we found this stove and that it certainly did not come with directions. So, like, can anyone tell me how to advance the clock one hour? Since Daylight Savings began, we've been unable to move the hour ahead, we can only move the minutes ahead or backward. In other words, help! *** (Never mind. See below for a 'duh moment!')

See this amazing apron?

My new online friend, Anne, mailed it to me.

I love it.
Love it.
Love it.

I even feel cute it in--a feat in itself. Thanks again, Anne!

And speaking of the mail, weeks ago I peeked outside the window to see if the faded yellow flag on our mailbox had been pushed down by the mailman, signaling the mail had arrived. But no, the flag was still up. I thought, "Oh well. It's not like I'm expecting anything good anyway."

Immediately I heard the Holy Spirit ask, "Did you just say you're not expecting anything good? Where's the faith and expectancy in that attitude?"

Ouch! He was so right. He'd caught me again believing for nothing much and receiving just that. But since then--since I began believing for serendipitous things inside my mailbox--I've been amazed at what I've discovered in there. More sweet snail mail and tiny gifts and surprises than I've received in the past year, total.

And then last week I sat at the river in another gloomy cloud bank and told God, "Oh, I'd love it so much if the sun could come out for at least ten minutes today." Then right away I caught myself, remembered the mailbox incident, and stretched my faith a bit. "No, I mean a half-hour of sunlight would be great."

And then I heard the Holy Spirit say, "A half-hour? A half-hour? That's the most you can stretch your faith?"

Heh. He got me there again. Using piddly faith. And I so want more than just piddly faith! I desire to stretch my faith to believe for all the very best which God can provide. And personally, I feel if I can't believe God for the small things, I'm going to have a difficult time believing Him for the big, emergency stuff, too.

Now of course, I must write this, sadly, with disclaimers. I am not trying to get God to control the weather just for me, according to the way I happen to want it. Nor am I attempting to control how often people send me things in the mail just for the sake of getting stuff.

No. I'm simply saying that, lately, God has been reminding me He's a whole lot bigger than I give Him credit for. And my faith should be a reflection of that fact.

Again, that's all I'm saying...


*** Duh. Duh. Duh! I figured it out... I just kept advancing the minutes until the hour changed. Good grief. But honestly, we have other digital clocks where you cannot do that...honest!

" have not because you ask not..." ...James 4:2

"...According to your faith be it unto you..." ... Matthew 9:29

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