Thursday, March 01, 2007

Speaking of David Grayson (Or: Christmas in March)

Oh happy morning! I found two of David Grayson's books online (e books) this morning for you. Now, I prefer holding my own old, musty copies of these in my hands while snuggled in a bed or comfy chair, but these are the next best thing and they are free.

Adventures In Friendship (1910) is here. And not being one to confine Christmas to December, let me recommend that you scroll down-- first--to the 2nd chapter, A Day of Pleasant Bread, one of my all-time favorite Christmas chapters of any book to be found on any shelf. If you live in (and are sick of) snow country, this chapter will warm you until you slip into bed tonight. This chapter, by itself, appeared later in book form and easily stands alone.

And you'll find The Friendly Road (1913) here. An especially great book to read if you're inside your house waiting for winter to Just Go Away so you can walk about freely again. David Grayson will take you on an adventurous walk back to 1913 by way of this book.

Always when I finish each final page of his books, I raise my eyes from the words and say thank-you to David Grayson (Ray Stannard Baker) for sitting down to write these peaceful stories nearly 100 years ago. As R.S. Baker he wrote many political books and magazine articles for his livelihood, but his David Grason books are the books for which he is best remembered and most appreciated today... and I think there is a lesson somewhere in that.


P.S. If you do read the chapter, A Day of Pleasant Bread, I hope you'll pop back here and share a comment.

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