Sunday, March 04, 2007

Here We Go Again

Every year around this week in March, the same thing happens. Today it happened again.

Today, March 4th, I became officially Sick Of Winter. Yes, it became official this afternoon.

And so it was a day where I had to force myself to do constructive things around the house, and well, one of those things involved moving my Dream Room desk away from the windows, and instead, setting-up what you see in the photo.

I like it better. A lot better.

But I am still Sick of Winter. I still have Cabin Fever. Only it's official now.

But here's something by Dallas Lore Sharp which helps a little:

"If you want springtime ahead of time, then you must have it in your heart, out of reach of the weather, just as you must grow cucumbers in a hothouse if you want them ahead of time." ... From The Spring of the Year

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