Tuesday, March 06, 2007


"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

Ponderers are my favorite people.

They pause and think before they speak. They rarely must apologize for their words because they're not rash with them... they do not display their ignorance and inexperience for all to behold. Ponderers never write scathing reviews of books they have never read or of people to whom they've never listened to with compassion and openness.

Ponderers, those who listen to others and not just themselves, anyway, tend to be wise. They don't make as many ridiculous statements... They realize there is truth still to be learned and they do not yet know everything. They meditate much about God, but never do they assume to have Him (or His ways) all figured-out.

Ponderers resemble Dreamers, except usually, after the fullness of time, they do something to bring their dreams into reality, something they've gleaned from their pondering.

Ponderers fish in the deeper rivers of Life.

Ponderers are not the same as Sulkers. Sulkers ponder a lot, too, but usually they concentrate on what is going wrong, especially where it concerns themselves. Sulkers cheat Ponderers and other crowds out of help and encouragement because Sulkers usually burrow away in some room licking their wounds.

But Ponderers stir together the good and bad and usually the good rises to the top. Then Ponderers ladle-up that good and take it to Sulkers and others who need the warmth and wisdom and love which Ponderers have taken the time to steep over a back burner... while everyone else leaked-out like sieves what they'd been given out of yearning to be first to speak, sprinkling everywhere their words which just popped into their heads... untried, untested, unpondered.

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