Friday, March 09, 2007

Pollyanna's Dark Side Revealed

First, an enormous thanks to each of you who recommended new blogs to me. By and far they were amazing! See, I knew it shouldn't be so hard to find contemplative blogs and you proved me right. Already I've added some to my blogrolls and will list more soon. I'm especially enjoying Victorian Rhapsody and Dirty Dishes... I'm clicking down her archive pull-down menu like a reader possessed.

I think some of you were astounded Thursday that I, Mrs. Pollyanna, actually feel disappointed in people sometimes. (I'm thinking the people in the above painting are asking, "So, like, what was up with Debra yesterday?) I guess you reminded me that sometimes I am just too darn goody-goody in this blog and it simply must be stopped. My goody-goodyness, that is. :)

Anyway, I don't understand why, but sometimes my body craves a new, thought-provoking blog. I mean, with books, I read the same ol' ones over and over. That's why my shelves are crammed with dusty old books which fall, thump, to the floor when you open the glass doors. Books I cannot release because nowhere in the whole New York library system will I find them offered. (Although, I just completed an agonizing, soul-wrenching purging of any I-might-not-die-without-this-book books, since we may be moving).

And then there is my video and dvd collection. Mostly I've collected the same old movies and tv series I have loved since I was anywhere from 10-years-old to 30, back when I was a sweet young thing (or people thought I was, anyway). And to this day, I watch them over and over until I have them memorized. And then I watch them again.

But then there's this blog thing. Every three months (or so), this craving/yearning/wild desire for new blogs consumes me (well, kinda) and that's when I venture off on these hunts. And if I return from these journeys empty-handed, I come back cranky, disappointed and waxing poetically about the waywardness of all Christiandom.

That's all.

So to all of you who sent me links to your favorite blogs, I thank you. All of humanity thanks you (well, the humanity in my house and neighborhood). Now Debra is content again, meek, lowly. And now we can all go our merry, same ol' same ol' way.

For another three months, anyway.

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