Friday, December 29, 2006

Thinking Of Heaven...

I wasn't going to take a walk today (it's cold out there!) but I went ahead anyway, mostly because my parents called and they told me that my Aunt Marian (who I told you about here), well, that she had passed away on Christmas. Christmas morning, in fact. I almost told them, "I know," because somewhere inside me I did already know, but I refrained.

So anyway, I wanted to go ahead with a walk because I think most clearly while passing those tall, old houses--somehow they make me feel like the real me in a more custom-made world for my old-fashioned soul ( a whole other post, that thought)... So I bundled-up in my long black wool coat and my black-knit gloves, and then as I walked along the sidewalks, I thought about my Aunt Marian having arrived in Heaven and how she must have been greeted by lots of people, Jesus and my grandparents (her parents) in particular... and then suddenly, the nicest scene popped into my head.

In this 'scene', I saw my Aunt Marian, her husband (my Uncle Ray), who pre-deceased her, and my grandparents--all four--sitting at the outdoor patio of a heavenly coffee shop. And it came to me that--of course! Heaven must certainly have coffee shops--why not? Ones better and more perfect than any you would find in France or Italy or well, anyplace here on Earth.

And I 'saw' both those couples seated around a small table there on the coffee shop's patio and they were drinking coffee (can you imagine such good coffee?) and each of them were laughing... remembering good, harmonious times in the past. And looking closer, I glimpsed in the eyes of each, a light of anticipation of many, many more great times to come in that place of Light and laughter and true, true love.

And then later, out of the cold, I stepped inside our warm house, smiling... And caught myself anticipating when I, too, would be seated around that table with those who arrived early and are waiting for me, even now.

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