Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Staying Awake

Most nights of my life, these words of Laura Ingalls Wilder flash through my mind like falling stars as I lay beneath the blankets of my bed:

"That was such a happy supper that Laura wanted it never to end. When she was in bed with Mary and Carrie, she stayed awake to keep on being happy...
A splash of water on her face dimly surprised her. She was sure it could not be rain, for the roof was overhead. She snuggled closer to Mary and everything slid away into dark, warm sleep."

The majority of my days, my hours, are quiet, uneventful. They're not rollicking... not full of big happenings or crowds of friends or parties. My days usually aren't full of pretty cards in my mailbox, emails that make me feel great, fun trips or coffee dates with friends. And Tom and I love each other, but it's certainly not all passion and roses around our house, especially after 28 years.

Years past, I needed happy times and favorable circumstances to make me snuggle down with smiles at night. But now, most nights, just as Laura did, I try to stay awake simply to keep on being happy... And sometimes I, too, am dimly surprised by a splash of water upon my face, especially on nights when I've pulled back the curtains so I can watch the twinkling lights in the skies--and find myself overwhelmed with gladness.

My days are not full of big, wonderful things. No, but they are full of a big, wonderful God who I enjoy so very much.

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