Thursday, December 28, 2006

Night At The Museum

Tom and I had planned for weeks to go see The Pursuit of Happyness, but this morning I told him, "You know? I've already cried every time I've watched the previews and then I saw Oprah's show about the whole movie, watched more previews, and well, I feel like I've seen it already!"

Tom agreed, and so this afternoon we drove to the theater and saw Night At The Museum. Oh wow... What a fun, imaginative, fun, laugh-out-loud, fun, crazy, fun, wild, and did I mention--fun?--movie! We absolutely loved it. And definitely it was a 'you-gotta-see-it-on-the-big-screen' film.

Maybe I, especially, loved this movie because, ever since my wonder-eyed tiny girl days, I've gazed up at manikins in department stores and wondered, "What would it be like if they all came alive after the store closes?" The same goes for museums, display windows and ok, I confess.... even my own backyard. Well, in a strange, kinda-sorta way. Don't tell anyone, but even now, when I sometimes lug the trash outside at night, I peek over at our dark backyard and nearly always imagine that I see people sitting in our chairs and drinking lemonade and laughing.

No, really. Perhaps that comes from the After School Special based on the book, The Night Swimmers. I don't know. All I know is that, although my imagination isn't what it once was, it still works. And I'm glad.

Anyway, Night At The Museum fed my imagination and tickled it, too. My favorite parts were rather simple ones--the parts where people in Victorian and other period costumes strolled together in pairs talking quietly down the museum halls. People who had no speaking parts, but were just there to add ambiance and a sense of motion and oddity.

And perhaps Night At The Museum delighted me because it struck a familiar chord. For you see, shortly after I began this blog 2 1/2 years ago, I began having almost nightly dreams filled with crowds of people.... People I'd known in California, ones in Nevada, others from New York and people my brain creates--all these people together in one place, in one dream. Well, the dreams are all different, but they are almost always crowded with people, people, people. And usually not much is happening, hardly ever anything exciting--but rather predictable and forgettable, though they always leave me, by morning, with a sense that I've spent the night awake in a crowd.

(I am too lazy to look into why I've had these crowded dreams for two years... Any dream experts want to venture a guess?)

Enough rambling... Night At The Museum is pure delight and fun for the whole family. Though personally, I'm tempted to suggest you leave any little squirmy kids at home. I mean, it's a rather long movie (didn't feel like it, though) and you wouldn't want to miss a single scene, say, if you had to pass around candy or promises of what you'll do after the movie if only the kiddos will sit still. No, be brave and see it with another adult, even without the excuse of taking little children. You won't be sorry.

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