Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Approaching Hooves of Change

Your comments to my last post sounded curious as to how I am handling this possible move to Virginia. And well, actually, I am excited. For thirteen years we have lived here outside of Buffalo and I have loved those years, yet now I am feeling the sand in the hour glass is emptying upon our stay here.

Last week I took my semi-daily walk and pondered, "I love looking at these tall, wonderful old houses, but I'd like to see some different ones... And it would be nice to live someplace where I could take walks in the dead of winter with temperatures higher than 18 degrees... in a place which didn't loom so grey in winter, either--grey trees, grey skies, grey streets, grey, sleeping flower stems."

Never before have I lived in the same house for more than 2 3/4 years. I had lived the life of a nomad of sorts before we moved here (long story), but this house has sheltered us for 13 years and what its walls have seen! These walls which I've painted over and over have watched me at my aproned June Cleaver highs and my Roseanne lows. And you'd think we'd lived here sixty years with the variety of music we've played, everything from Big Band era to the Beatles to symphony and Christian pop.

Naomi went from Middle School through college while living in this house (so many changes!). And I have gone from a young, physically-fit woman of 34 to a premenopausal, trying-to-age-gracefully woman of 47, one who, thankfully, is at least happier and made of stronger stuff than she was on Moving Day.

The dinners with friends around the table... the movies we've watched... the harsh winters we've survived... the bad news we've received over the phone, as well as the good... the Christmasses and birthday cakes with candles still in the drawers...the times we were sick in bed... the pies I have baked and the meals Naomi learned to cook at our stove... the huge, house-shaking parties we let Naomi have and all the times she made videos for school assignments here with a whole group of kids (and the dusty props we still have in the basement from those films)...

The memories you make inside a house are endless-- I could go on remembering for years to come. Yet now my heart and God are preparing me for the Someday when I'll be remembering these times in a different place. But I'll be making new memories there, too.... and that, really, is fine with me. Besides, as long as God is there--as long as this is His idea--Life will be good. Changes are coming and the time feels right.

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