Monday, September 20, 2010

This, That and a Question

Awhile ago, our classical music station ran something where you could email them about the time you first realized you loved classical music. They're continuing to read the entries on the air (I'm gonna assume they read mine while we were on vacation...heh). But here is my entry just so you'll know how my love of classical music happened to me:

"It was all Mrs. Martineau's fault.
She was my kindergarten teacher and the one who made each of us 5-year-olds take naps upon green mats on the floor. She's also the one who played that Strauss Waltz record and other classical music recordings while we rested upon those mats on quiet afternoons in the land between asleep and awake.
And to this day, forty-six years later, I still blame Mrs. Martineau for the deep love of classical music which never left me, even as a teenager. And those amazing Strauss Waltz's, especially, still remind me of rest and peace and all that is dreamy and good."

I included that here to encourage those of you teachers, and especially you parents, that what you share with young children often can have an eternal effect. So don't doubt or give-up. We all affect others' lives more than we realize.


So today I was in the supermarket and discovered the premiere issue of the magazine, The New Pioneer. Oh my, it was cool. And if Tom and I weren't in our pinching pennies season of life, I'd have spent the $10 to buy it. But I did have fun skimming the articles about becoming self-sufficient by growing your own food, canning, root cellars, rigging up your own sources of energy and caring for weapons, hunting, reusing what you have, gathering food out of doors, etc. Very informational and inspiring. Look for it on stands until November. (Remember, The New Pioneer.)


And a question: Can you really freeze apples whole? I saw here that you can, but I'd never before heard of it. Lovely concept, though. Highly appeals to my lazy nature. (You should see our apple trees--as the Bible would say, they are 'heavily laden'!)


Unknown said...

I especially liked the question part with an answer. My daughter had a large amount of apples given to her and didn't know how to freeze them. I will share it with her. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about The New Pioneer magazine. The fact that this is becoming popular again (self-sufficiency) makes me happy.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Saw your blog linked to, in another blog, I happened by... Clicked on that link and came over. Wow! Changes!

Naturally, first thing I noticed was the new look at your blog! Lovely big header pic, and your blog "wants to be viewed" on an even wider screen, than mine does. :-) And I thought mine, needed a wide, wide screen effect!

I use Stretch Minima Template because I learned how to tweak my pics, to show them in big, big, big form. :-)

Then I discovered that more change had occurred in your life, than just blog-look-change. Tom was laid off. One might say, caught in the horror, which is our Dear Country's economy.

I'm sorry, but not in a "poor, pitiful you" way. I don't like words, which sound like "poor, pitiful you." I'm sure you don't like them either. So that's why I make that clarification. Maybe a silly clarification. But meaningful, to me. And I hope, to you too.

You are strong folks and you will make wise choices. I know you feel that all that, is taken care of, for you, by a higher power. But you know I don't. So I will concentrate on your own human strength. While you concentrate on whatever form of strength, works for you.

Gentle hugs...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Comment...Part 2... :-)

Back to the economy... I've gotten so I have to avoid blogs which [for lack of a nicer way to say it] still celebrate consumerism. Always showing new purchases, and decorating-decorating-decorating, and etc.

I sound awful, don't I? Sound like an old "grump." But, it all "got to me" and I blogged about it, and quit reading some blogs.

It's a good thing for some, if they are still in a cool financial position, and can just spend, spend, spend. I'm not being mean to them. We never did the spend,spend, spend thing. We certainly can't now. And I just am tired, tired, tired of reading about consumerism.

I found kind-of-simplicity blogs and leave a link to one, each day, in my entries. :-)

I just needed to kind of "make a stand," in my blog. About how it doesn't feel good to me, to read about spend, spend, spend any more.

Enough! I've rattled on so long, that I best cut this Comment, in two! Or Blogger will not send it to you! :-))))))))

Gentle hugs...

Judy said...

Can't answer your question, but if you have a lot of apples, a WONDERFUL treat is to cut the apple into wedges, dip into peanut butter, then dip the peanut butter into steel-cut oats.
I can fool my diabetic self into thinking that they taste JUST LIKE a caramel apples with nuts.
Adding raisens or mini-chocolate chips is good too, if you can.

Anonymous said...

I think I would wash, dry and quarter them, removing the seed core and freeze in the freezer bag being sure to remove all the air first.