Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of Corners and Handling Challenges

So I know our dining room looks crowded with this extra table in the window, very 'un-chi' (or whatever). 

But still, I am so excited for I was craving my very own warm space since our front porch is growing colder in this autumnal weather. And that's where this old Formica table was--out there--and Tom began using our dining room table more often (usually just when I wanted it, alone) and Naomi is still living upstairs with all her cats and a fish and I was getting all whiny.

Remember that "In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair" song from Cinderella? Well, that's been, like, my theme song since I was probably ten years old.

I must have my very own space.

So now I have my own little private, mine-all-mine corner again. Everyone knows don't even think about sitting at that table. :)

There are some challenges I adore, like this one of finding my own dreaming space. Also, discovering places to store my winter groceries, how to cook something from nothing and ways to get by happily on teeny amounts of money.

And where to dry our clothes downstairs now that upstairs is occupied and how to keep up our spirits while Tom is looking for the next thing in the way of employment.

But what you won't ever hear me doing? 

You won't hear me blaming God for my troubles or doubting that He loves me just because Life might be hard or accusing Him of not being faithful, loyal or fair.

Uh, no. I'd rather die than hurt God's feelings like that.

Oh, I'm sure He can handle whatever I throw at Him (He's a huge God after all), but that's not the point. No, I realize if a mistake has been made, He's certainly not the one who made it. And I'm not foolish enough to accuse Him of something He did not do. He's invested too many years, patience, teachings and too much work into me for me to pull something like that.

Besides, I'm just too crazy in love with Him to accuse Him of anything stupid.


Sitting at this table is like resting my arms on a pool of water. Don't you just love its reflective ways?


Would you like to watch a second season episode of American Pickers? Go here. I do LOVE that show!


Oh! And did you know that Julie and Julia is now in the instant-watch section of Netflix? Cool, right?



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ When I first saw the photo - I thought - Oh! I love the desk/table in front of the window!! What an awesome place to have just for yourself!! May you find plenty of enjoyment from it!
Lisa :O)

Judy said...

So pretty, Debra!