Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Lindsay Lohans Of Our Lives

So at Facebook, I get it when my non-Christian friends complain about all the Lindsay Lohan news/drama/stunts. I understand that they'd rather see something else in the headlines, though just what, I'm not certain.

But I confess it makes me sad when my Christian friends rant about the "Lindsayness" of it all, when they say cruel, unforgiving things about her. When they expect an unsaved Lindsay to act like she's saved.

I think we just don't care enough about people. Not like Jesus does, anyway.

When I first saw Lindsay in Parent Trap ages ago, I began praying for her. It's as though God whispered that this young girl was headed for disaster, though at the time, I didn't want to hear that. I found her adorable and talented and I so longed for her to make it through her teens and twenties without the trouble young stars often crawl into.

We all know that didn't happen.

But still I kept praying. I prayed through Diary of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and the Herbie movie, too. And now what do I do when I read yet another article or watch another gossipy story about Lindsay-gone-wrong? I use each of those as reminders to pray.

And pray. And pray.

It's not all the in-our-faces news stories about Lindsay that make me crazy. No, it's the lack of longsuffering compassion coming from Christians, the ones who've forgotten that Jesus came for the sick, not for those who don't need a doctor. And that He:

...didn't come to condemn the world, but that the world, through Him, might be saved.

Now, do I pray for all celebrities as I'm praying for Lindsay? No. But for the past forty-two years (I recall praying for Lucille Ball at age 9) God has often placed one celebrity at a time upon my heart so to pray for their salvation. And always, a compassion grows within my heart the more and longer I pray. Prayer is like that.

Maybe we should all be praying more and criticizing less. Perhaps that is the answer. And maybe, just maybe, we'd all feel better--in lots of ways.


Psalm 19:14
"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord..."


A special thanks to each of you for your comments about yesterday's post. They were greatly appreciated!


Mary said...

Yes, Lindsey is poisioning her body. The holier-than-thou "christians" who are judging, condemning in such a cruel way are poisioning their souls. I really wonder whom God would judge more harshly?
Thank you for praying for her.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Which brings me back to my mom saying to me,"don't go talking about someone else's kids because you don't know what your own will bring home to you."
Guess that can apply to "family" too.

Unknown said...

Very well said and I agree with you 100%. It is so easy to criticize and join others that are doing it. We need to be different and focused. I will try to get that point out more to the ones I see heading down the wrong path.

K.E. said...

Great post.

I was convicted back in June

but already forgot. Sigh. I think that is what God must do a lot. Sigh, smack himself in the forehead and say "I should have had a V-8"

Pat said...

Her life reminds me of the direction some children will take who lack good parental guidance and example. Sadly, she is in a world of bad examples. I pray for her life...I really do.