Thursday, September 02, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

Funny how things happen.

Just last week I was imagining that I missed the old days when always, my job was to make something from nothing. To cook yummy meals from cupboards which appeared bare. To use coupons (I was queen of those), to sew our clothes and to decorate large on a tiny budget. To basically become the Frugal Wonder I once was.

There's a challenge to all that and a certain pride in it, too. Not that pride is good, but there are times when we're allowed to look upon what we've done and call it Good. I believe that's ok, especially if we've done it all at God's leading. You know, used His ideas way more than our own.

Well, be careful what you imagine you'd like to do, huh? Looks like I've been swooped back to those frugal days. Big Time. And what's left is to enjoy the challenge, rather than dread it.


Last week at an estate sale I bought a book called, Mrs. Lorimer's Family by Molly Clavering. I'm loving it. It's rather like Jane Austin meets Mrs. Appleyard (if that makes sense to you). It's about a couple (the wife, especially) who live in Scotland and have four grown children and they plan a family reunion with them. Each of the children are having problems of some kind with their own marriages/relationships and the mother wonders just how much she should interfere and try to help. I believe the book is set in the mid 1940's (and was written then, too).

Anyway, they're practically giving them away for free online (a penny and up at Just thought I'd mention it.


Addendum: Since writing this post, it occurred to me that perhaps last week I wasn't really wishing for the days of old when I was Mrs. Frugal. Maybe it was more like God was whispering to me, reminding me of the fun I had back during all those (pretty much) twenty seven years of frugality because He knew what was ahead. Hmmmm..... Something to consider.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Hi Debra,

Both D.E. Stevenson and Molly Clavering lived in the same small border town of Moffat, Scotland and went to the same church and sang in the choir together from sometime early in WWII until the end of their life. I've heard that the main character in Mrs. Lorrimer is based on DES and that her children were not happy with the book, but I don't know if this is true or not. My favorite Clavering book is Near Neighbors but it is difficult to find. If I come across one, I'll get it for you.

I think "frugal" is really coming into fashion again. But for some of us it was never really out. I hope Tom got a good severance pay, or will have good unemployment benefits and will find a new job, too. I hope so much the economy recovers faster. The northeast Ohio area where I live is not in good shape by any means. It already wasn't before the recent meltdown. But I guess we just have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other. I send you hugs. I know very well that you are a master at finding the good in life. This was a big shock. I wish I could help more.

jodi said...

Have you read the Tightwad Gazette books? They really helped keep us on track during our tight time.

Debra said...

Kristi--oh yes! I wrote a post sometime ago about how being frugal is in fashion more than I ever remember it being before. Isn't it great? I love how, for the past year or more, I've seen tons of stories just everywhere on how to save money. That's one of my favorite subjects.... heh. (I sent you an email about Mrs. Lorimer's Family.) :)

Jodi--Yes! I really enjoyed the three Tightwad Gazette books, even though sometimes I believed they nickled and dimed it a bit too much. It's possible to go overboard in any area in Life, of course. But there were many practical ideas in those books and they were great fun for me to read and apply. I made the quiche for years and years. :)

Thanks, Ladies...Debra

Saija said...

i am really sorry to hear about Tom being laid off, Debra ... sheesh! i just popped by to see what you were up to and read the past posts to catch all that has been going on!!! and what do folks that don't have our Heavenly Father caring for them do?

i just finished reading max lucado's book FEARLESS (library's are great, aren't they!!!) ... it encouraged me about different things - health issues, and just the unknown ... max always makes me smile and nod my head as i read his books ... i think you would be doing the same ...

will be praying for you guys! big (hugs)