Friday, May 21, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

A great yard sale day, a time when we had to know when to say when.

 Tons of yard sales were still temptingly on our list, but the car was full enough, we'd bought plenty after only three. 

Knowing when to say when is so freeing.

The birdbath, above and below, was a favorite find. Five dollars.

And an umbrella for a bistro table, something we'd been searching for these past few weeks. Just $7.

Don't you just love a good deal? And the God who enjoys showing He cares about our needs and our wants, who tucks surprises amongst a bunch of stuff at yard sales for you?


Okay. I'm going to post this picture once more and ask for some advice.

Tom and I seriously have too much lawn and we need to discover some 'substitution ideas.' 

So if it was you, what would you put in the left-hand corner of this photo? Everything back there is so natural-looking that anything formal is probably not a great idea (or maybe it is?). 

I've played around with building a 'pier' on a diagonal, about 8 feet long, with natural, unpainted wood (or should I paint it white?). Then surrounding it with a circle of blue and white flowers which would represent a pool of water. 

Any more ideas for either that corner or other areas of our too-too-wild-looking yard?


(CSI Spoiler Alert!)

Did you watch the season finale of C.S.I.? Tom and I were so bummed by the ending. Good grief. The writers resorted to the ol' Lousy Security Trick again (as they often do on 24). We love Lawrence Fishburne and so help me..... they'd better not write him off the show--or else!  ツ

(Though yeah, we'll survive it they do.)



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

What fantastic finds!! And I love your yard - you say it is a farm not a country club but it sure is beautiful!!
Lisa :o)

Tracy said...

Absolutely lovely, Debra!

Patty H. said...

Great finds!! How about a gazebo in that corner?
Patty H.

Pearl said...

Hi Debra & Tom! I love to ask people when I have a dilema some advice, after all it's free! I really like your idea but make it bigger, lay a tarp put bark in and then you don't have to put a ton of plants in or you can. And I always leave my wood outside raw or you will be painting in know time again. The bark always makes things look beautiful and a whole lot less weeds. Then colored plants will make it a spot where everyone will want to meander over to so they can get a look. Well like I said "Advice is free" good luck you have great ideas of your own. Hugs, Pearl