Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last weekend we met Naomi's new boyfriend, Dave. 

They drove out here to help us spread cement in the barn and clear our fire pit (reconfiguring it so the weeds do not gather there) and to free the little tree in our Bunny Pasture from it's no longer needed wire fence and weeds. (Oh the weeds around this place.) 

And since Dave wanted to see our property, I took him and Naomi on a tour, even through the tall, tall grasses in our meadow out to the woods. After the work, we all had lunch on the patio in the shade beneath our new yard sale umbrella.

Anyway, Dave is great. Naomi knew him in high school, he's buying his house, (a double, so he rents-out half), and he's passionate about gardening, in fact, his suburban backyard is becoming one sprawling vegetable garden. He's a gentle guy and what I like best is that he's reawakening in Naomi her love of growing her own food, a love which, I believe, will remain this time.

We spent seven years growing to love Carl and now a new adventure begins with Dave. Changes! Always the Earth spins, evolves, and Tom and I are discovering Life is easier when we accept that it will never remain still for long. So we welcome new people into our lives, cherish them, then let them go if they wish or if they must. And call it all Good.


Here and there, people left their mark in concrete around our farm, so here is mine, just inside the barn door. Tom's turn will be next.   シ

The ol' fire pit which may actually get used someday. Oh, and the white stuff all over the lawn is cotton from the cottonwood tree. Bleh. This time of year we're always sooo tempted to chop that old thing down (it doesn't just drop cotton, but tons of small branches, pods and leaves.) 

Of course, the tree hugger inside me protests whenever I consider this.


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Judy said...

Oh! But then how would you "...listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees..."

I've learned in my nearly 52 years that it is always best to love people. Whether they come for a long stay or a short one. Love is always worth it. Even when it hurts.

But you know that already.