Sunday, May 02, 2010

When Your News Is All Bad

I know how it is.

When everything is going wrong--and appears like it will continue that way--the temptation is to plop oneself upon the nearest comfortable couch and sulk. And worry, imagine dire futures, panic, cry. 

And call friends and complain and set them to worrying. And get up and go to the kitchen for comfort food or call out for it, and then chew and imagine that your best days are behind you and now just worst days are ahead.

And some people get mad at God and blame Him for peoples' lack of wisdom, foolishness and for accidents or years of eating wrong foods and no exercising and smoking, drinking, pollution, stress and not going to bed earlier. 

But oh Honey, God is perfect and never made a mistake in His whole life.

What I'm learning to do in times of trouble? To steal time alone with God so that I can fall more deeply in love with Him, for it's that love which makes us rich in joy, in strength. I pray, He listens, He speaks and I am comforted.  And I lean against His shoulder and find my deepest needs met there.

And He changes everything, even if, at first, it's my attitude, only, which became more hopeful, calmed, blessed.

And then? He leads to me to watch Him work--or--to do a little work, myself. To seek the answers I need as He leads.

That is what I'm learning to do in times of trouble. That is what I do to come out stronger over on the other side of it.


The farther we allow ourselves to sink, the longer and harder it will be to yank us back up.


"In Your presence is fullness of joy..."


We are so not helpless. We have the best Helper of them all.


Found this today. Loved it.


Tracy said...

A wonderful post filled with good advice, Debra! Enjoy your Sunday! :)

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ Thank you so very much. It seems like every day I hear of new people getting diagnosed with cancer or some major stessers coming into peoples lives, so I am sure that this post will be a comfort to many people - and especically me.

Lisa :o)