Saturday, May 01, 2010

Our Home, Immortalized

Is this perfect, or what? Yesterday Donna and John visited us and brought Donna's finished portrait of our house.

Wow. Tom and I are enchanted. Donna captured the spirit of our place, but with landscaping improvement ideas that, of course, now we'll have to steal in Real Life. And she even painted our barn white which will be its color later this year, something even I wasn't certain of when I last spoke with her. Wow again.

I am so thankful we had this portrait done. Always it will be a remembrance of our gift from God of these country years.

Donna said she'd be willing to paint other peoples' houses from photos. Anyone interested? If so, contact me at and I'll email you the pricing and sizing information.
To NancyR--Oh! There's a third in the Fifty Acres and a Poodle series? I'll have to hurry and read the second one. :) And finally (finally!) I ordered Nancy Eberle's Main Street book. Thanks for the reminders! I've always loved her essay which I included here, so I'm sure I'll enjoy her book, also.

For anyone interested, there's an online review of Return to Main Street by Nancy Eberle here, but you have to use your cursor to move the article around. It's the only review I could find. Alas.


Tracy said...

Oh Debra, it's lovely!

Pat said...

What a wonderful keepsake! She did a beautiful job!
Fifty acres and a Poodle is a series? Just finished the first one and now I MUST find the second one!

Beth said...

How lovely! Your friend is very talented. Around here, a lot of older folks have aerial photos of their homes. I am always interested in looking at them as I am a map-geek. But this portrait is just precious!

Saija said...

how homey and country!

what a treasure for sure ... :o)

... and God will give you the desires of your heart ...

karla said...

what a special keepsake.

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

It's fun to have a painting or drawing of your home. The listing Realtor gave us an oil painting of our home when we bought it. I thought that was a great idea.

Enjoy your new artwork!

Laurie S.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

This is a charming picture, Debra. I bet your friend really enjoyed making it for you. Now you and Tom can enjoy having it in your home.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Love the portrait of your house!
What medium does she use? Oils, watercolors? Pastels? It is just so perfect.

The third in the "Fifty Acres" series (Raising Girls) is so relevant to anyone who is a mother. The author questions herself a lot as to her parenting skills, but it is obvious that she is rearing two well adjusted, "free spirit" girls. This book also has a lot of humor, and a lot of comical farm scenarios!

P.S. has some old copies of "Wyoming Wife". It is an autobiograpy about a single woman (Rodello Hunter) who has two college age daughters, and one who is a young mother. Rodello lives in the city, in an apartment, and is used to all of the conveniences and nice amenities the city offers. She marries a man, who has never been married before, who is a writer for fish and game-type magazines. He lives alone in a remote part of Wyoming in a house
that makes calling it a "fixer-upper" a very generous description!
They get married, "beneath a moose head" in Jackson Hole, and spend their honeymoon on a hunting trip! It is humorous, and depicts the trials of marriage, to a person who is a polar opposite. It has great recipes, tales of rural friendships, and and lessons in adjusting to a different style of living.