Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Motives

This past winter some dear friends told us they'd like to come visit in late May or early June. We've not seen them in 20 years!

Immediately I made plans. 

I'd finish painting our middle room upstairs, maybe even paint the kitchen floor (a temporary fix). Also, I'd paint the horrendous paneled wall in the living room, and well, paint everything that could be painted, including the guest room floor. 

Then this Spring I'd whoosh around and plant my garden early and rearrange and mulch my flower beds and build a couple raised garden beds in our Bunny Pasture. 

I'd buy new-to-me clothes and have my hair permed, oh, and lose ten pounds, also.

Basically, by the time of our friends' arrival, I'd finish every single task I'd procrastinated around this place.

Then a month ago, God told me, "Uh, no. Instead, you're going to relax, enjoy your days and just do what you can."

My oh my. He is incredibly interested in my motives and He doesn't let me get away with anything. To Him, why I'm doing something is more important than the something, itself.

I worked hard yesterday out in my garden, mowed the lawn and did myriad other things around the house. But you know? At day's end I felt like I hadn't really enjoyed much of it. 

I'd spent the day concerned about all my undone tasks and how slowly every job is going. Yesterday I just worked. All I saw were weeds yet un-pulled and grape vines yet unfertilized , un-mowed lawns, unpainted everything from my list and time running-out. I saw it all through the neighbors' eyes and those of our friends who'll soon visit-- and it was all found wanting.

It's a joy to work on something when you're grateful God gave it to you. But spend your day doing right things for wrong reasons and there's only a vague, exhausting pain. 

God doesn't correct our motives because He's nitpicky and unfun, but rather, He knows Grace only comes around to help in an atmosphere of peace and gratitude.Trust me, I know.

So today will be different, for the pressure is off. Oh, probably God will need to remind me--again--that there's no contest and I've nothing to prove. He'll tell me there's only Him and Grace, one on each side of me, helping, encouraging me and making me smile while we work and laugh together.

And that will make everything, wonderful.


Probably most things are done out of fear, obligation/duty or love. May I always choose love.



Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Too true. Motive is everything! And only God really knows people's motives and thinking and that's why we can't judge people, I think.....

And have you ever considered how good it may make your friends feel if your are NOT too perfect and they don't have to feel too inferior!

Debra said...

Yes, God was sure to point that out to me. :) And it made me feel better, more relaxed about the whole visit. It's one of those choices made from love, I believe (as I mentioned at the post's end.) Thanks, Kristi, for your comment! It's always fun to hear from you. Blessings, Debra

Laura said...

As you know, from my last blog post, I've recently let go of MY to do list and just sat back the past few weeks and let the days happen. If a toilet looked dirty, I cleaned it but I didn't go crazy on the whole bathroom. Somehow, things are still getting done. And some aren't getting done. Right now, my kitchen looks like it was slimed by a kids' game show and I'm sitting on the couch with my sick kids. And I don't even care that there's sticky stuff from one end to the other in there. Ok, I might care a little. But not enough to hustle around, all irritated that my life is so hard (hand to my forehead) and busy and complicated. Now, I'm learning to go with the flow God sets for the day. I have to revisit this a lot and ask constantly where His priorities are in my day but I like this way a lot better than my old 8 calendars to keep track of every detail to make sure I never failed (I failed all the time then and was constantly discouraged). Now, when something doesn't happen, I can say, well, God doesn't care about that right now (not ever, just not right now), so I won't either. It's amazingly freeing!