Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Snow, More Ice and a Book Recommendation

Why am I painting many of our rooms warm shades of autumn gold?

This photo shows why. This is our backyard this morning and much of the year it looks exactly the same. Cold. Winter Wonderland-ish, ok, but cold nonetheless. I guess all that gold is part of creating my own world and not just floating along, helplessly, in the 2010 one.

Alas. My mind keeps wandering to when, in Springtime, I'll sit out in my garden and move the dirt around and stare up at the sky and feel the sun upon my face. Oh wow. Can anything else compare to that?

But for now, at least I have an imagination. Aren't you grateful that God built those into us?


Remember when I told you about You know, the online book club which sends you a beginning of a book to read each week? Well, I belong to the Good News Book Club there and they recently shared the book called Things Left Unspoken by Eva Marie Everson. I bought a copy at and oh my... I am loving it! I'm nowhere near being finished, but I can totally recommend this. How lovely to read such a good book on these snowy days. Check it out here.

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Elizabeth said...

That does look like winter wonderland,especially to a Florida girl. I love it!