Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last night I had the oddest, coolest dream.

Tom and I were standing outside an airport on the tarmac one Saturday afternoon in a large crowd (in all my dreams I'm surrounded by people. It's weird.). Anyway, Naomi was due to fly in, but her plane was quite late and all the people next to us were growing concerned that their loved ones hadn't yet arrived.

Suddenly a large, bright angel swooped from the sky over to Tom and me. The angel was invisible to everyone else (I assumed since nobody shrieked or anything) and he asked us to step over to a more secluded area, so we did. Then he told us that, on Monday, the world was going to end.

Well, Tom and I asked a few questions regarding that bit of news, but mostly? Mostly I felt such peace. Heaven so soon! Then the angel turned to me. He said, "God has chosen you for something. He wants you to decide what kind of weather you would like to have on Monday before the end of the world takes place."

Wow. I felt honored. With no hesitation, I told him, "I'd like Monday to be sunny and 70 degrees." Then I felt happy that --hooray! I could count on at least one sunny, warm day after all these dark clouds and snow we've had this winter.

Then a rumor began spreading through the crowd that something dreadful had happened to the plane for which we were all waiting. I began to panic a bit, but the angel said, "Don't worry." And suddenly I felt even more peace, a sweet peace, peace which deep inside told me, "If something has happened to Naomi, you'll see her on Monday when the world ends. You, Tom and she will meet up in Heaven in only two days." And I knew I could easily wait just two days."

So I relaxed while all around me the people panicked and began to cry due to the rumors of an accident. And just as I was thinking how marvelous is God's peace in the midst of tragedy, of a supposed one--and how necessary, I awoke.


And one more thing--today was sunny all day long. And what was the temperature in our enclosed (uninsulated) front porch? Seventy degrees, on the nose. I loved it. Sat in the sun for hours, read and stared out at the snow.



Elizabeth said...

Wow Debra! What a wonderful way to be reminded of the peace that comes from God.

Vicki/Jake said...

Monday huh.....hmmmm

Debra said...

Elizabeth--yes! You caught what my post really meant. Thanks.

Vicki--oh my. No way did this post mean anything about the world ending. Elizabeth said it best. It was about having peace while everyone around you is in a panic. It was also about the humor of my being tired of snow--and in my dream--being able to choose a beautiful day! :)

Blessings, Debra

Lora said...

That was the coolest dream! The airplane part made me think of a resident we have here at the hospice home - a dearly devout Christian man - he said he imagines himself as an airplane - waiting on the tarmac - his engines warming - until he takes off and heads for "home".