Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A dear old friend of mine from high school asked this on his wall at Facebook:

What if doing the "hokey-pokey" is what it's all about?

Such a quirky thing which got me all dreamy-eyed enough to question, "What if it is, indeed?"

And what if, when we reach Heaven, we discover it was all about listening more than talking? And singing to our babies rather than singing on American Idol? And not having a famous name, but a respected, cherished one amongst our family and friends? What if being kind was more valuable than being smart?

What if it was all about taking walks rather than always driving? And laughing and dancing at church rather than always crying and whispering? And spending more hours reading than watching tv and meditating more than even reading? What if organic, tree-hugger types really were right after all?

What if it was all about flying kites and feeding wild birds and rescuing dogs and cats from shelters? And taking country drives on Sunday afternoons? And playing more, singing more and hanging our laundry more often on clotheslines?

Or what if it all was about walking with Jesus on city streets, leaning against the wool of his coat on icy days and introducing Him to others we pass on the sidewalk?

Just some thoughts on a cold, wintry February day while the earth around my house sleeps beneath the snow, always with one eye opened for the arrival of Spring.


I would dearly love to hear more of your own 'what if's' in my comment box!


Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

What if, indeed? Deep questions . . . :-)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What if it was all about giving away rather than grasping for more, or all about smiling at ephemeral flowers rather than hoping for diamonds, which are really no girl's best friend....What if it were more about sowing seeds of kindness and counting our blessings than trying to get more of them.
Yours was a good response to that hokey pokey comment, Debra!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

And I'm trying to figure out the meaning of the fact that refrigerators were much smaller and ranges were much bigger as we see in the picture yesterday.

Anonymous said...

What if more moms could stay home with their little ones by foregoing "stuff" they can purchase by working, and putting the babies in day care?

What if everyone lived within their means, instead of having to have nicest house in the neighborhood, big screen television sets, the latest cell phone technology, the newest car on the block, etc., etc., etc.?

What if the government understood that you can't spend your way into prosperity, and saved future generations from being overly burdened with debt?

What if we woke each day with a grateful heart?

Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love that Debra!
What if....

Tina said...

What if... we started today, ourselves, instead of waiting for someone else to go first...

Thank you so much Debra for inspiring me. Kristi and nancyr, your comments are wonderful too.

Kristi I used to have a fridge like that. It was small but in a culture where most foods were canned or stored in root cellars, and meats were purchased daily for eating that day, it sufficed. The freezer was really teeny, only large enough for a couple of ice trays!


Louise said...

I agree with Kristi & Nancy ... what if we gave with no thought of getting in return? What if we loved as deeply and passionately as we are loved by our Creator? What if we looked beyond faults and saw needs? What if we lived as though Jesus could come at any moment?
Thanks for this great post. Blessings.

Debra said...

I did so love reading your comments to this post and your additional 'what if's'! Thanks to each of you for participating in making this post better. Blessings, Debra