Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I realized I've left you hanging.

All is well. Tom has taken tests and talked with doctors and is finally thinking he should get back into shape and eat right. (Isn't it annoying how husbands can hear their doctor say something which their wives reiterated for years, yet it all sounds new and inspiring to them?) 

I'm thinking he's serious this time--hooray!

The shoulder surgery could take place around March 2nd. Tom will return to work until then--that's where he is at this moment, even. So Life is returning to normal--and you know how I feel about that.

I'm happy the surgery is weeks away. Perhaps because that was the appointed time for it or perhaps it's the reprieve we've been granted (or maybe because I do so love procrastinating). But again, all is well.

And more-- we've only had an inch or so of snow lately! I so love the phrase, 'less snow.'

Anyway. Did you see Oprah today? Oh wow. When Celine Dion joined in with The Canadian Tenors--seriously--I thought my head and my heart would explode with the high intensity beauty of all those harmonies. My sleeve is still wet from my uncontrollable tears. Truly, one of the greatest moments of music I've experienced in my lifetime. Again, oh wow.

And oh wow for all blessings, large ones, tiny ones and in-between ones, too. I'm even finding Valentines inside my mailbox. How perfect such a sweet holiday arrives in the dreariest month, one which can feel ever so long--when actually--it's the shortest. 

How brightly those Valentines color my grey, snowy February days.


Tom and I do thank each of you for your comments and emails regarding his surgery and everything. Thanks so very much for your concern and prayers!



Vicki/Jake said...

Oh, good news is always welcome! And yes, I saw Oprah today. Just caught it right before they started singing. then when she came out. The looks of surprise and love on their faces was priceless...
Stay warm in your little corner of Heaven (O:

Pearl said...

Happy early Valentines day, here's a prayer out to you and Tom. I love your out look on life and I'm so glad you are enjoying the country life. Take care,Pearl

Jammie J. said...

Isn't that the way of it, though? The spouse says something and it takes another for the other spouse to "hear" it? I'm guilty of that, even, sometimes. :)

I had recorded the Oprah show today and my mom (who's visiting) and I watched that part of the show about 7 times, with more viewings planned tomorrow. We laughed so hard at the Canadian Tenor's facial expressions of surprise, especially the guitarist's! Oh my! That was such fun, and then we exclaim over the perfect harmony every time, too. Such a highlight of our day! :)

Sara said...

been praying! healthy eating, such a new concept, eh?

Laura said...

I'm sorry I missed all this about Tom - I would have been praying! I'm glad things have worked themselves out and there's a good plan in place!