Thursday, February 04, 2010

Of Contentment and Renting Grandchildren

"But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that." ... 1 Timothy 6:6-8


Now there's a passage I need to read, like, every week. Oh my! I have food. I have clothing. So everything else around my house and all my friends, loved ones and the country-ish things which please my eyes, well, they must all be extra blessings.

Yes, there's much, much extra in my life. Probably too much when we're talking stuff, but hey.

My good friend, Laura, became a grandmother this week to her very first grandbaby. And you know? I am thrilled for her And even though, most likely, I'll never become a grandmother, myself, (remember when I wrote about finding my own grandchildren?)--still--I'm happy that such a wonderful thing has happened to Laura and to you grandparents who read this blog.

Contentment is learned (at least that's what Paul in the Bible said) and it's a gift, also. 

A gift for me, yes, because it enables me to spend my days in serenity, not craving and longing for more than God has seen fit to give me. But also it's a gift to others in my life. Tom, for instance, for contentment with our home and situation is a gift because he does not enjoy seeing me roam from room to room, complaining about the myriad things we need to buy, paint or repair.

And my contentment about not being a grandmother, myself, is a gift to Naomi, who certainly doesn't need me pressuring her to have children. It can also be a gift to Laura (and you other grandparents) because, when I'm truly content, there's no jealousy on my part concerning your grandbabies, wishing they were mine, which would stop me from sharing in your joy.

Of course, one must always add that contentment does not mean settling. It doesn't mean having no goals or desires to move ahead in the future. 

Instead? There's a godly type of contentment regarding where He has me--on the way to becoming more godly, more creative, more 'finished' tomorrow.

I'm speaking of a peaceful, trusting contentment which carries me, happily, down the road of Life. A delightful way of traveling on the way to where I'm going.



Pat said...

Oh how beautifully written Debra. Contentment is such a great gift. It's taken me so long to find contentment in everyday living, but like you...and thanks to God I am also in that lovely warm place. It's a super comfy place to live!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Yes!! And everything we're supposed to have will come in the fullness of time, I believe. I think contentment is a great blessing; it goes along with being able to be made happy easily - just by seeing blue sky and trees, leaves, flowers, water, family and friends......Just focusing on what makes us happy leads to contentment, and you do a very good job of that Debra.

Annie said...

Hi Debra:

This was a terrific post that I needed to here as I was considering "winge-ing" (New Zealand term for complaining that I like the sound of) about having to go to physical therapy today.

Instead, I will be SO THANKFUL that I have excellent health care, the PT is free, and my husband brought my tea up to me in bed.

Godliness with contenment is great gain and as it happens, I was just listening to our favorite teacher on this very teacher.

You are so right that this scripture doesn't mean "just settle" for being sloppy, not being cretive with the cooking and decor, etc. It means stop complaining that you can't afford the built-in custom bookcases and pick up one at Goodwill for $4.25 and use on-hand paint to make it beautiful.

Anyone can create a lovely home with a lot of cash and a decorator. It takes someone really special, like you, to create an amazing home like yours!

Love the graphic in your post! It is so retro and completely different from your usual style.

Annie @ The View from 256

Lora said...

Thanks or the never cease to inspire me Debra!

Queen of France said...

Thanks for this post. As a 40 yr old with no children - i can relate in a way. i've had to give up the dream of being a mother BUT have found peace and joy with acceptance. i also have determined that i just LOVE being an auntie..all the joys and still get to sleep through the night. Pretty sweet, right? But it took me from age 28-40 to get there...not because i was bitter, but heartbroken. It's still a longing of my heart, but i find that with each year, i realize my 'path' on this life and can accept it.

Also - adopting a child would be all is lost...just have to wait on God for His perfect timing.

Great post! Thanks

Beth said...

Wonderful thoughts Debra. I strive to be content in whatever place God has placed me at this time. It isn't always easy, I sometimes have to be intentional in this thinking. But life is oh-so-good when I choose to be content. Because honestly, God has ALWAYS provided for my needs....and quite a few of my wants too.

Anonymous said...

Well put.