Monday, February 08, 2010

So for weeks Tom and I have prepared our minds, schedules and ourselves, period, for Tom's shoulder surgery on February 9th. Tomorrow.

Yet as the day neared I never felt prepared inside, though on the outside the house is straightened, groceries bought and laundry is, well, let's not speak of laundry. Anyway, Tom's had other surgeries and always it's important that we both prepare mentally for the challenges a surgery brings. All those weeks of togetherness, for one thing, and all that nursing I must do and the healing Tom must do, also.

But again, I couldn't quite prepare my head this time. I tried, but something held me back.

And now I know why. 

An hour ago we found out his surgery will have to be postponed. Tom wore a heart monitor thingy for 24 hours last week and the results appeared fine to one guy, but not to another who said Tom's heart has extra beats. Alas.

So Tom has to be cleared before he can have the shoulder surgery and we both realize this is wisdom. And I keep telling Tom not to worry. Years ago he had surgeries postponed and each time it prevented mistakes from being made, so of course, we were grateful. God always knows best.

Tomorrow Tom will go and speak with the cardiologist and then decisions will be made.

Prayers for Tom would be appreciated, especially that he'll not worry about the extra heart beats or the surgery or possible problems/changes in the time-off from work--or anything else. 

As for me, I'm feeling better. As I said, tomorrow did not feel right for surgery (I almost mentioned praying for Tom's surgery on Facebook this morning but something held me back). Probably no surgery date ever feels perfect, and yet, the unsettled feeling inside me is gone--and that is something good.

The sun is even shining. What more could I ask?



Vicki/Jake said...

I've always believed things happen for a reason. And to always listen...
Hope all works out for both of you. Keep us informed.

Pat said...

God's timing is always best. I will say a prayer for both of you, as you wait out the next surgery date and as the surgery proceeds.
The sun is shining here too..isn't it wonderful!? Snow predicted for Wednesday, but I'll think about that if and when it actually happens!

Myrna said...

Oh, so grateful that the Lord is in our lives, Debra. And that He is in control. And that He knows what's going on, what's best and that He's caring for us. Oh, to rest in that knowledge...
You and Tom are in my prayers..

Robin in New Jersey said...

I'm sure Tom's heart will be fine and the surgery can be rescheduled. Prayers coming your way.

Jammie J. said...

I shall pray that wise decisions are made tomorrow... and insight is readily available. At least you're stocked up on groceries! :)


Annie @ The View From 256 said...


There are many times when I have a check in my spirit about an event or a course of action. I used to think that I was just procrastinating, but have come to realize that when something "just doesn't feel right," that God has something else in mind. Our times are indeed in His hands.

You and time have been and continue to be in my prayers.



jodi said...

Hope that everything works out well at his appointment today.

Elizabeth said...

Debra, I am praying for you and Tom. God is good.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

You are both in my prayers, Debra! I am glad this was postponed, because I feel, as you do, this was not the right time. Peace!

Anonymous said...

You and Tom are in my prayers, too. All will be well. Joyce

Karen said...

I'll put you two on my prayer list. I asked a guy about your animal tracks and he said that if deer feel safe they can make that kinda track in the snow under some circumstances.
If not, you just might want to follow the tracks cause on the other end could be something that could make you famous...LoL.

Anonymous said...

Just sent up a prayer, for both you and Tom, that all goes well when he is cleared for his surgery.

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

Best wishes for a great outcome!