Friday, December 11, 2009

There is another beautiful home today on Kim's Daisy Cottage blog. Oh wow. Gorgeous. But the accompanying story placed a lump in my throat, and the final photo brought tears, yet they made me want to celebrate all I take for granted... and may I stop taking anything for granted all the days after this. May I remind myself that Life is fragile.

One thing I've certainly not been taking for granted--here in our little corner of Western New York, Tom and I have no snow! Can you believe that? Perhaps you've watched some footage from our wild local snowstorms, but well, we've had no snow from the last two storms--even the sun's been peeking through grey skies. How wonderful of God to place our little farm in a banana belt. :)


Queen of France said...

WHAT??? No snow? Ohh i'm so disappointed...when i was watched The Weather Channel last night i thought for sure you'd be snowed in! (i love being snowed in!)..oh well, i guess if you don't prefer the snow it's a good thing...i was trying to live vicariously through you and the snow but alas! it's not to be.

Well Happy No Snow Friday to you (we have none in my corner of PA either..bummer) and have a lovely weekend!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I can't believe you don't have any snow!!! I saw the news a couple days ago and immediately thought of you! What a blessing not to have to shovel.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

How lucky you are. Our cottage at Chautauqua has a foot of snow on the ground. Is it really called the banana belt? How fun!