Thursday, December 03, 2009

Invitations to the Land of Worry

Oh my goodness. One whole week has passed since Thanksgiving and I've not even mentioned how ours went.

It was lovely. How great to have Naomi and Carl here again in our home--they'd not visited since late summer due to circumstances beyond the control of us all. Naomi brought us organic food surprises as she always does (she enjoys taking care of her aging old folks) and updated us on organic and health news. And they showed us cell phone photos of the two cats which Carl adopted and Naomi's one new adopted cat, as well. We'd not known they each had new cats (after losing Oreo) and it was almost like being told --surprise!--you have new grandchildren. Alas.

So as I said it was lovely, well, except for one thing--and it's the one thing which Tom's and my parents' hearts must guard against. It's what Naomi always tend to bring with her--lots of invitations to worry. Sigh. She'll just be chattering away about her life, not even realizing that half of what she's saying are new causes for us to worry.

I mean, there's her landlord who's a flaming neo-Nazi who yells upstairs a lot and the former band leader who's out to get her so she can't give her new address to the post office and there were the pictures of when her face was sooo swollen because she had an infected tooth which she eventually had pulled and then there's her van which is old (her stories about that always freak out Tom the most) and now she's quitting her latest band. And there's more.

Probably if you have adult children you know exactly what I mean about all those invitations to worry.

But you know? I began realizing a few years ago that for my own sake, my own health, I can no longer accept those invitations. I realized I just don't want to go to those places. Worry can make you sick. Worry can spoil your good days and make your bad days much worse. Worry can negate your prayers. Worry is sin. Worry illustrates a basic lack of trust that God can care for your child. Worry never makes anything better, rather, worry makes Life appear dark even when it's actually quite sunny.

And well, I'm learning whenever I listen to Naomi I must immediately hand over all those invitations to worry to God. He knows what to do with them. He can handle every single one, blow them all away with one breath if He so chooses. Which is good, since I want nothing to do with them. I'll choose prayer and trust and joy, instead.


Oh! Susan Boyle's album is out. Hooray! Read about it and listen to pieces here.


1 Peter 5:7
"... casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you..."

Lisa from Texas--could you please email me about the Fame dvd's? Thanks.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I love the term "Invitation to worry"..and you're right - if it's not one's your Mother! We have hubby's Mother living with us, we have grown children (not living with us-thank goodness!)and now growing grandkiddos in college- we get LOTS of invitations..and we will happily not be sending RSVP's but giving them again to God :-) Thanks for this post !

Barbara Watkins said...

Oh how I loved today's post. I only recently found your blog and I enjoy it every day, but this one today is so perfect for me. I have young adult children and I have been worrying myself to death over every little and big problem they have. I just discovered the same as you that I can love them and pray for them but I have to turn loose of feeling all the turmoil. Worry doesn't help or change anything one bit, except it really ruins my life here in the "golden years". Anyway I was so happy to see you saying the same thing. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

Mary said...

My 9 year old daughter is having a minor surgery today. I spent a mostly sleepless night and read your post this morning. I love it when God sends just the right people with just the right message my way. Thank you and God bless.

Debra said...

A special thanks to each of you for letting me know this post blessed you. Mary--I am praying for your daughter today--may her surgery go extremely well! And

Utah Grammie--I absolutely loved your, "If it's not one thing it's your mother." heh. Thanks for that smile!

Barbara--I'm so glad to know you are reading here--thanks for letting me know. And best wishes to you regarding your children--what an adventure it is having adult children, right? :)

Blessings, Debra

Robin in New Jersey said...

Didn't Carl and Naomi break-up? Or did I miss something while my computer was down.

Worry~~very timely, Debra. My husband lost his job yesterday. :(
The invitation (I like how you word that) to worry is great!

Saija said...

i have 2 sisters who could be my kids (that much younger!) ... and 2 others that are over a decade younger - so that "invitation to worry" was a good way of putting it! ... i understand that ... and many is the day i've said "Lord, since i'm not You - i can't handle these worries - here, You take them! thank you ... !"