Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh my. We had an amazing Christmas here in our home. Last night, Peace and Jesus and Grace were inside, outside, upside down (and right side up) and swirling all around as the three of us ate a simple meal then opened gifts.

Even though I slept on the couch and the cats kept me awake all night and even though Tom left early this morning for work after he and I watched our favorite Christmas episode of Frasier, the one called Perspectives on Christmas ("Oh night, deviiiiiiine" .hee.) and even though the sun never once shone outside the windows and Naomi slept till nearly noon (after having worked a wild, long shift yesterday beginning at 5:00 am), still, oh the peace while Naomi and I watched many Season 7 Monks and ate, chatted and did laundry.

It was all so special, so warm, that I became teary-eyed after she left and wished she could always live here with us. 

But of course, it's not supposed to be that way. No, we're to raise our kids so they can live on their own, leave us to live separate lives and to have children who will leave them, too.

But still, there were those tears which I knew were silly, but yet, I cried them, then laughed at myself, a mom to a nearly 30-year-old daughter , a mom who--once in awhile--likes to wish her daughter could stay at home forever.

But then common sense always kicks-in and restores a balance and rhythm to my heart and my hours, my days. And Life goes on--and it is Good because God is--and truly, He's everything I need.



Lisa said...

Beautiful Debra. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas. ♥

Pearl said...

Mothers all around the world ehco this statement I'm sure. I miss my older son even though he lives very close by. I miss the relationship we had when he was little. Such a mommys little helper and as sweet as can be. He's 31 now with two kids of his own but I can still dream of how it was with a smile on my face. Blessings to you Debra and your family. Pearl

Anonymous said...

This is good. We had a peaceful (lazy) day here as well.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I'm so happy you had a warm, peaceful, cozy, family Christmas. We make nice memories thus, do we not? :-)

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia
P.S. And now, I'm glad it's over!!! -giggles-

Jammie J. said...

That you miss her so means you did an excellent job raising someone who you like and love now that she's an adult. That's pretty cool.

Also, the parade I mentioned, the Rose Parade, is the one that's in Pasadena on New Year's Day. It hasn't happened yet. :)

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean Debra, but you are blessed to have the time you do with her.I am so glad you had a nice Christmas.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Ah Debra, I am feeling the same way to day. All my kids were here and we had a wonderful time.

Saija said...

i'm so so glad you had a warm mushy Christmas ... us too ... just leo, the cat and me ... leo went nuts taping christmas movies (we haven't made a dent in them yet!) and we had our christmas lights twinkling all night with carols playing ... it was good ... the simple things are the best ...

blessings on you guys in 2010!!!!!