Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gifts For My Readers

Oh! I almost forgot to run this post which I share every year. So once again, here you go-- a gift for you.

Merry Christmas! ... I appreciate your readership and friendship way more than you know!


Free bookmarks for you or a child:

Printable Bookmarks

To watch free movies and tv series online go here:

Free Movies

To listen, free, to old radio shows from the 1930's and 40's, go here:

Radio Lovers

For free printable Christmas gift tags and enclosures, go here:

Christmas Gift Tags

To have fun trying on clothes online (forget those depressing dressing rooms! This is more like the days of paper dolls--and you are the doll.)--go here:

Lands End (Click on My Virtual Model to get started.)

To receive a free issue of Good Old Days Magazine (no credit card required), go here:

Good Old Days Magazine (Scroll down to 'Send No Money Now' when subscribing.)

If you enjoy Victorian photography, go here:

Victorian and Edwardian Photography

To download free charts and lists to help keep you and your family organized, go here:

Digital Women

For lots of cool old black and white photos from life in the 1930's, go here:

The 1930's

For free dollhouse accessory printables, go here:

Dollhouse Printables

To find amazing pictures to copy and paste into your blog or in emails for friends, go here:

All Posters

If you are into the fairy scene, go here:

Wee Folk Studio
Cecily Mary Barker

If you would someday like to visit Andy Griffith's 'Mayberry', go here:

Mt. Airy, NC

If you were a big fan of 'The Waltons,' go here:

The Waltons

To read hundreds of classic books free online, go here:

Page By Page Books

If you like vintage paper dolls, go here:

Betsy McCall
Dress the Digital Dolls (there's more than one page, click on the white-lettered names)

To receive a free issue of Reminisce Magazine (no credit card required), go here:

Reminisce Magazine (click on Bill Me Later when subscribing)

If you'd like to visit the gorgeous Christmas windows in New York City, go here:

New York City Christmas Windows

Roger Ebert's List of 100 Best Films:

Best Films

To read inspiring stories:

Capper's Magazine

All about homemaking creatively and on a budget (terrific site, considering today's economy!):

Heart for Home

To make your own kitchen mixes:

Homemade Mixes

To visit an imaginative tea room:

Prudence's Tea Room (Click on photos to enlarge.)

If you'd like to do something kind for fellow bloggers, leave comments at the blogs of those who almost never receive comments.

Add blogs to your's a compliment when you do so.

If a blogger's writing has meant something to you this year, let him/her know.

And again, Merry Christmas to you!


Donetta said...

What a fun generous post.
May your day be warm and full of kind thoughtful moments.
A merry heart to you.
Peace surround you.
Thank you for your loving kindness and fellowship.
Debra you are a breadth of fresh air.

jodi said...

Merry Christmas!

Jammie J. said...

Merry Christmas, Debra. I always enjoy reading through your list of gifts to us. You are one special lady.

If you find yourself watching the Rose Parade on New Years, be looking for Tony... he's gonna be on the Honda float! :)

Vicki/Jake said...

Great fun! Something to do with the time waiting for Santa to get here...
THANKS and have a wonderful Christmas with those you love.

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Debra, merry Christmas filled with blessings. Clarice

Myrna said...

Your writing ALWAYS means something to me, Debra! We had a lovely Christmas too..stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY! (so decandent)
Played games, listened to Christmas music. Later we're motoring over to Steve's bother's house for dinner. Alas, Steve has come down with the flu and will stay home..
Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend!
Thanks for the 'freebies'!

--KC said...

Dear Debra:

Thanks for the list--and also for including our magazine in it.

All the best in the coming year!


K.C. Compton
Editor in Chief
Capper's magazine

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

How nice of you Debra!! I've had so much fun tonight with these!!! And will be referring back to them often!