Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Woo Hoo! Happy Day After Christmas.

It's my most fav-or-ite day of the year.

What's not to love about this day after Christmas? There are leftovers--I won't have to cook. Late Christmas cards will arrive inside my mailbox. Tom and I can stay home and watch my new Family Ties Season 2 dvds or go see a movie--it's our choice. (Of course, we should pack a bit, too, since we're moving in 7 to 9 days, but hey...) 

I can spend today picturing our lovely yesterday and my family's faces as they opened gifts and sat around the dinner table. And recall the phone conversation with my mom and hearing a strength in her voice this first Christmas without my dad. Plus, the sun is due to shine here and melt our snow away during a balmy 41 degrees.

And I can relax and rejoice that I survived yet one more Christmas. :)

Yes, as with every December 26th, it's my most fav-or-ite day of the year. Some people get a let-down, where-did-it-all-go? feeling, but not me! No, I always get this antsy I-can't-wait-till-Normal-returns anticipation. I love Normal. Why? My own personal Normal feels rather like low-key Christmas 11 months out of the year. The way I like Christmas to be. The way I wish December felt, but usually doesn't.

For me, God makes Normal incredible because His presence is incredible. Year after year, day after day.

And that is my wish for you, as well, on this, my most fav-or-ite day of the year. That you always see Normal as the gift it truly is.


So what was your favorite Christmas gift this year? 

You know, besides having your family together and celebrating Jesus' birth, etc.  シ

 Mine was the aforementioned Family Ties 2nd season dvd's. Tom and I watched tons of episodes last night and loved them all, the special feature interviews, too. There is no comparison between today's tv comedies and ones like Family Ties, Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Perfect Strangers, etc. No comparison! So how terrific to have them on dvd.

Which reminds me, Perfect Strangers Seasons 1 and 2 is finally due out this February--hooray!



Saija said...

boxing day sales are on today ... :o) ... i'm a very poor, low key shopper - but i do like to go visit our little shops here in town - just to browse ...

my best Christmas memory this year was watching the Nativity Story with leo ... that was such an amazing movie! truly well done and uplifted our spirits ... Jesus couldn't have been born in more lowly, or volitile of circumstances ...

blessings on the rest of your remaining days in that old house of yours ... and how exciting to be moving on to a new adventure!

thank you for the many encouraging posts (thought provoking ones too!) during the year!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and happy normalcy :) Debra!!
I love the days after Christmas too!! I discovered your blog 2 years ago and was so captivated by your post about Grace following you around through the Christmas season.
"For me, God makes Normal incredible because His presence is incredible. Year after year." that too!
You are a blessing to me!

Jammie J. said...

I ♥ late Christmas cards. Next year, I think I'll wait until 12/26 to mail mine to only those people who mailed me one. Hehehe. What? Is that bad? :)

Anonymous said...

I love both the break in normalcy and the day-to-day regular stuff! I don't think I made it here to say Merry Christmas (or even said it at my blog) but I hope you received my Christmas email!

My favorite gift is a bit of a 3-way tie. My husband gave me a sewing machine and an iPod. Woo-hoo! I can't wait to learn to sew and now I can take my music with me wherever I go! Also, my mom bought me the Valley of Vision book that contains pages and pages of puritan prayers. Pretty nice gifts this year.

Happy day-after-Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Debra, I just heard a rumor that Early Edition will be on DVD and released in either June or July! Yippee! Sure hope it's true!

Hope said...

Hi Debra,
I'm so glad you had a good Christmas with your family. I, too, like the Normal days but I also have the let-down feeling along with it. Let down because I'm wondering how it all went by so fast in a whirlwind!! It's like you clean and clean and cook and bake for days, then it's all gone so fast..the food, the family AND the clean!! lol

I'm excited for you and your new adventure coming soon but I don't envy you the packing up!!

Enjoy your afterglow today!


Dianne said...

I think I have a similar feeling about New Years. On the day after Christmas, I want to just let the holiday feeling slowly ebb away . . . still listening to Mannheim Steamroller and Kenny G. Still reflecting on the ways God was speaking to me throughout the season, and taking time to listen. Not depressed but just wanting to ease back into normal, if that makes sense.

My favorite Christmas gift was a beautiful cross ornament from my SIL. Kind of Celtic, something I'll keep out year round.

Dianne said...

I can't believe you're moving - finally! Must have missed that post. Good for you and good luck!

nancyr said...

I used to feel a let-down after Christmas, but this year I am elated! I enjoyed the holiday, and being with family, but I am exhausted, and very ready to put the decorations away, take down the tree, and get back to a normal routine. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!
Normal is good!

Judy said...

Okay. This is going to sound gross, but my favorite gift was a stinky diaper my granddaughter made just for me!

The rest of the family was in the basement watching a DVD and I had her alone.

We found out about her at our family Christmas dinner last year.

I was romantisizing the moment as I sat her on the couch wearing a Santa hat when I got the great idea to video tape her.

Yup. As if on cue, I have a tape of her filling her diaper. Everything but the smell.

But, I had that sense of the 'complete picture'. Last year she was just a faraway happy thought. This year, an adorable reality.

(please don't tell my family what my favorite gift was!)

daisymarie said...

My favorite gift was an outfit my daughter bought me at Christopher and Banks. I love the clothes there, but waywayway more special than threads and pattern was the thought-fullness that she put into the purchase. It blew me away and blessed my socks right off!