Monday, December 31, 2007

On New Year's Eve

We're all on the brink of a new year. Imagine.

I've made my usual resolutions--I'm a believer in making them. I mean, what's wrong with having sane, sensible goals to aim toward in a new year? After all, if you aim at nothing, you might just hit it. (And who wants that?)

Anyway, a resolution of mine which sums up all the rest is this: That I will cooperate with God more easily. You know, without whining first or procrastinating obedience for a time I believe is better or questioning just what good it'll all do anyway.

I believe there are levels of obedience and through the years God takes us into deeper levels. And well, I'd like to go deeper into allowing people to be who they are--and not voicing my opinions about their words or decisions.

All of that came to me when I saw a certain tv commercial and a bunch of bells and alarms went off inside my head. I thought, "I can't believe the people at Smuckers are serious!" (Hmm... I'm hoping it was Smuckers. I wouldn't want to go wild about them if it wasn't them. And warning--I'm about to go wild...)

Have you seen their latest ad? It's the one where two young boys are walking and one says, "Why doesn't anyone ever ask me what I'd like to do when I grow up?" And then the announcer says something like, "When your last name is Smuckers, you don't have to guess at what you'll be. You already know you'll continue what your family has always done. You'll make great Smuckers jams and jellies."

(Ok, I probably slaughtered the actual discourse, but that's the way I remember it.)

Anyway, isn't that horrible? I mean, what if the kid has a God-given ability to teach? Or to play the violin professionally? Or to build houses, be a missionary, design skyscrapers or be a funeral director? What, he must go into the Smuckers business whether he wants to, or not?

Well, I've seen that commercial twice and both times I have shuddered.

And yet I'm glad they made this commercial. Maybe it will shake-up more people than just myself and remind us all that the happiest people "out there" are those who use their God-given talents, abilities, personalities and giftings during the majority of their hours every single day.

And may it remind us all to let people do what they feel called to do, even if--to us--it doesn't appear all that wise. Or cool. Or smart. Or financially-best.

There's a lot of living which goes on inside a person's heart, in places where he and God talk things out. And heaven help any of us who believe we know a better way for someone else. After all, half the time we don't pause long enough to have our own chats with God at the table of our heart. But if we did, we'd probably see things very, very differently... and probably speak half as often...

... and feel a whole lot more free and happy.


... Paige said...

Well put.

A safe, happy and healthy New Year to you and all

Anonymous said...

A very happy 2008 to you. I'm looking forward to another year of wonderful posts at your blog.

Storybook Woods said...

I say that is a pretty perfect resolution xoxoxo Clarice

Saija said...

blessings in 2008!

Jammie J. said...

Happy new year, Debra, wishes for a wonderful 2008. :)

David Warren Fisher said...


We drove by about 4 hours ago. We're staying at the Red Roof Inn near the Buffalo airport. Did you see me wave?

When do you move? I've been following your posts but can't remember your timeline.

Happy New Year!

Much love in Christ,