Monday, December 10, 2007

Since I'm busy packing again today (or should be, anyway), I just thought I'd share something which I feel is so beautiful.

It's a mosaic birdhouse which Penny made for Kim. You can read more about it here.

I was enchanted and I hope you will be, too.

Oh, and did anyone else watch For One More Day? I taped it last night then got up very early this morning and watched it. Loved it. 

The old-time music was perfect and the way his mom had decorated her house in the late 50's was so very cool. Pastel greens, blues and yellows. I probably missed much of the dialogue during the guy's early childhood home scenes, for I too busily stored decorating tips inside my head. 

Oh, and the storyline was terrific, too.  シ



Anonymous said...

Hi Debra,
Yes I did see the beautiful birdhouse..just gorgeous. Penny does good work.
And no, I didn't see For One More Day. I didn't know it was on but I looked it up and it sounds really good, especially since you told about the old music and the decorating.
Thanks for sharing.

Saija said...

leo and i both watched the movie ... great acting in it!

hope your packing is going well! a change for you guys! WOW! :o)

just like us, we thought our cottage was perfect ... and it was, for a dozen years or so ... then it was time to move on ... and we are so very happy with where the Lord placed us! i know you guys will be too! blessings on ya!

Judy said...

Oh! That birdhouse!

Art like that is truly good for the soul.